Rowlands is dancing her way through new role

...bargained for after hiring a private dance instructor, portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson.Rowlands said she wasn't much of a dancer at the start of shooting the film adaptation of the stage play but learned enough to get by from Broad way veteran Jack son...

UGA player calms strip club brawl

...a brawl that started when the customer exposed himself to a dancer. A University of Georgia football player who witnessed the...was still exposed when she returned a few minutes later. The dancer then alerted Kim and other employees, who attempted to remove...

Kirby: It's colder in Augusta and my body can prove it

...Circle K holdup, clerk says""Azziz likes puppies""Azziz statue committee donations raised in one night""Azziz good dancer""Azziz to nursing students: 'Quit swooning' ""Azziz is so smart his bad ideas are worth considering, mayor says...

Dancers swing into action

...Don't be surprised if, at a live- music event, a group of dancers spontaneously erupt into swing dance.It's been known to...from the early jazz era. West Coast and East Coast (swing dancers) dance to everything, really, but Lindy Hoppers usually...

Ramblin' Rhodes: With five country concerts, you'll be pickin' and grinnin'

...changing leaves.Unforgettable this past weekend were the mouth-dropping stares of the children watching the Native American dancers in their colorful costumes and listening to the teaching about their particular tribes and cultures.Particularly poignant...

'Nutcracker' fans have four chances at ballet

...an abbreviated version of the show featuring a question-and-answer session along with opportunities for photos with the dancers.Tickets for the noon show are $12 in advance and $15 at the door with a group rate of $10 for 12 people or more.The...

Veteran dancer sees herself as emissary of New York City Ballet

...Wendy Whelan, the principal dancer in the New York City Ballet...other New York City Ballet dancers, including principal male dancer Albert Evans, at the Augusta...25 years as a professional dancer in the demanding New York City...

Dancer fills Juliet's shoes again after four years

Augusta dancer Julia Morgan is resurrecting the perpetually...and Juliet in its schedule with another dancer in mind for Juliet. Peter Powlus, the...Ballet's resident choreographer, said that dancer's departure from the company has proved...

Former dancer finds satisfaction teaching

...state's first male dancers to join the Carolina...started his career. The dancer doesn't provide dates...he'll always remain a dancer. "I'm completely...to become talented dancers. Carl Crosby Family...Security Profession: Dancer, teacher and choreographer...

Christian school expels nude dancer's daughter

...of the school year, saying her mother's work as a nude dancer clashes with its Christian philosophy. Christina Silvas, 24, of Rancho Cordova said one reason she took the job as a dancer at Gold Club Centerfolds was so she could afford the $400...

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