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Blasts criticism of Dan Quayle

I was disappointed with the Feb. 16 letter of Ronald Perado. His attempt at humor and sarcasm about Dan Quayle and his intellect are boring and sophomoric at best. Perhaps Mr. Perado would prefer someone of Al Gore's intellectual stature...
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Slams writer for attack on Coverdell

...because he had the temerity to appear in public with Dan Quayle. Sir, you do yourself and all veterans a disservice...same uncertainty and all doing the same thankless job. Dan Quayle knew when he enlisted that he might well have been called...
Still beating up on Dan Quayle

The word ``chicken hawk'' originated in Congress. It referred to congressmen who were hawks on military war issues but did not serve in a war or combat zone; like, Dan ``Chicken Hawk'' Quayle.\r\n\r\nRichard D. Renew, Martinez
More targeting of conservatives

...their derision at conservatives, while forgiving anything a liberal does or says.We were never allowed to forget that Dan Quayle misspelled a word ? but how many people know Barack Obama once recalled visiting "57 states"? Meanwhile, Joe Biden...
Having mind to save money doesn't register right away

Bank failures are caused by depositors who don't deposit enough money to cover losses due to mismanagement. -- Dan Quayle It is rare that I confess parental failure, but let me admit one shortcoming. Last Tuesday was National Teach Your...
Bill Kirby
Kennedy's leadership will be missed

...Kennedy's moral leadership! Where was Teddy? He was there with Sen. Strom Thurmond on crime legislation; with Sen. Dan Quayle on a jobs law; with Attorney General John Ashcroft on a law to protect prisoners from rape; with Sen. Orrin Hatch...
Visiting an old enemy

...reasons. Al Gore went, but as a photographer. Texas Gov. George Bush showed up for reserve duty. Former Vice President Dan Quayle got a nice National Guard post. But considering that Clinton wouldn't tell the truth until his feet were held to the...
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Clinton can't keep his lies straight justification ... ." My goodness, William! Get your lies straight, will you please? Can you imagine if Dan Quayle said something like this? It is beyond comical (and sad). Apparently, we can kill bin Laden, but there is no legal...
'Osbournes' -- mainstream TV?

...Tonight Show With Jay Leno," in at least two upcoming books, and dining at the White House. Even former Vice President Dan Quayle - he of the infamous "Murphy Brown" and her choice for single-motherhood flap - has chimed in, pointing out that...
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CBS-TV pushes pot

...of blending comedy with controversial political and social issues." This goes back five years, when Vice President Dan Quayle's criticism of Murphy Brown's having a baby out of wedlock generated tons of free (and favorable) publicity. Obviously...