We're from the government, and we're here to help -- or else

You can't truly opt out of "the system," postal or otherwise. And if you try, get ready for a fight.

Government's lies feed the persistence of conspiracy theories

What makes us doubt the official party line in some instances and not others?

Get people back in touch

With regard to Augusta Chronicle Editorial Writer Damon Cline's Feb. 9 column about the out-of-touch Rolling Stone columnist ("Rolling Stone columnist out of touch with reality of...

May cause irritation: Instead of thoughtless rudeness, try courtesy

I can't guarantee you that following my 10-point plan will bring you riches or eternal happiness, but I can promise you will be much less likely to get shot.

Editor's note

We are thrilled to announce that former Augusta Chronicle Business Editor Damon Cline has rejoined The Chronicle as a member of our editorial staff, as of Jan. 6.His duties will include writing editorials and...

'Rolling Stone' columnist out of touch with reality of economic freedom

People need to see this concise, albeit glib, commentary on the radical Left's version of what it means to be free.

Citizens fearing tyranny embracing Second Amendment

Those who think the United States is above subjugating a disarmed populace have forgotten slavery, the removal of American Indians from native lands and the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Must you be radical?

...repeatedly, you have no conception of balance. And you now have found more right-wing columnists in Editorial Writer Damon Cline and syndicated columnist Susan Stamper Brown. The hatred spewed by Michelle Malkin and Cal Thomas defies belief. Is...

Augusta native earns award

An Augusta native on Tuesday was presented the U.S. Small Business Administration's 2007 Small Business Person of the Year award for the District of Columbia.

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New housing dooms county

Columbia County, at least as residents of the CSRA know it, is over.