FDA tells food industry to phase out artificial trans fats

...the amount they sell.The FDA has not targeted small amounts of trans fats that occur naturally in some meat and dairy products, because they would be too difficult to remove and aren't considered a major public health threat by themselves...

No labels necessary

...anyway, as GMOs are in Chipotle's high-fructose corn syrup-sweetened drinks and most assuredly in its meat and dairy products, which come from animals raised on GMO feed.Chipotle is free to market its menu however it wants, and consumers...

Meat, dairy products a health peril

...individuals who consume large amounts of meat and dairy products may be 100 times higher than previously suspected...the human food chain through consumption of meat and dairy products from animals eating contaminated forage and of fish...

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Pupils spend week learning health facts about dairy products

...making cows and fish out of milk cartons, drawing milk-mustache self-portraits and writing stories about milk or dairy products culminated with gathering the school's nearly 420 pupils in the cafeteria for a celebration. Music teacher Daniel...

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New farm-to-table restaurant open in North Augusta

...dishes will cost in the $17 to $25 range.Collins visits local farms to determine what he'll use in his meals. Dairy products come from Edgefield, S.C. Beef is sourced from Johnston, S.C.; pork from central Georgia; greens from Grovetown...

Donating blood gets trickier with age

...actually lower the next day when I went back to a Shepeard center to donate blood."Have you been eating any cheese or dairy products?" I was asked."No," I insisted, "Spi nach!" And went home and had another steak.The next day I went back...

Low-protein diet limits risk of gout in men, study shows

...while consuming more low-fat dairy products cuts the risk of developing the...This is the first evidence that dairy products can be strongly protective...highest consumption of low-fat dairy products was 42 percent less likely to...

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Low-fat dairy may lower risk of diabetes in men

CHICAGO - Eating low-fat dairy products may help slightly lower the risk...ingredients are contained in high-fat dairy products, too, so researchers said they...The study found no evidence that dairy products help people shed pounds, although...

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New dietary standards to target saturated fat, sugar

...easy" on sodas and sweets and cut down on meat, dairy products and other sources of saturated fat. The guidelines...is stacked with scientists biased toward meat and dairy products because of their ties to those industries through...

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New `low-fat' labels finally on milk cartons

...Brad Legreid, executive director of the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association. Bottlers have until Jan. 1 to change...Foods Inc., the Minneapolis-based makers of Kemps dairy products, is using the words "fat-free skim milk" and...

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