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...the road that Diana's car took, and within the tunnel, were not working the night of the crash. But Monday's Daily Express newspaper challenged that finding, saying a woman was caught speeding by a camera in the Pont d'Alma tunnel moments...
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Saga of David Beckham's "affair" shows no signs of faltering

...biggest-selling daily, assured its readers that "Posh and Becks' marriage will easily survive this minor hiccup." The Daily Express, too, sprang to the Beckhams' defense with a theory that the soccer hero might have been the target of a revenge...
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Michael Jackson discusses his life in new TV documentary

...the man they call "Wacko Jacko." The Sun said the "shocking confession" would end Jackson's career, while the Daily Express said Jackson "faces a wave of revulsion." In 1993, Jackson - who says he identifies with Peter Pan and lives on...
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Some blame tourists for AIDS epidemic in Tobago

...just a dinner. "They take whatever they can get," said Margaret Wright of the Tobago AIDS society. Trinidad's Daily Express recently noted how many islanders believe "Clorox, blue soap or prayer will protect them better than condoms...
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American pair make semifinals

...matches attended by his grandmother. "She is clearly a jinx and I'm not taking her again," Judy Murray told the Daily Express . Murray comfortably beat Spanish wild card Juan Carlos Ferrero 7-5, 6-3, 6-2 to reach his first Wimbledon...
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A Rose blooms in English soil

...18-year-old World Cup soccer star Michael Owen among his sports heroes, is a money machine waiting to get rolling. The Daily Express reported that during the British Open Rose used Cobra clubs, a Titleist ball, Reebok clothes and Footjoy shoes...
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Media picks at the Masters

...NoDermot Gilleece, Sunday Independent, South AfricaRory McIlroy Current form best player in the field NoNeil Squires, Daily Express, LondonPhil Mickelson He's very good at golf NoBernie McGuire, Scottish HeraldAdam Scott 76 Masters is too darn...