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...She had no idea who the people were, but for her daddy. Shame on daddy for taking advantage of the little girl, that Augusta...nice in allowing children to come in. Shame on that daddy for using her. PLEASE INFORM the writer of the letter...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Country Music Awards was truckful of randomness

...20 online, $25 at gate (gates open 1 p.m.), featuring Greensky Bluegrass, Town Mountain, Larry & Jenny Keel, "Big Daddy" Steve McMurry; May 10, $30 online, $35 at gate (gates open 11 a.m.), featuring Jeff Austin of Yonder Mountain String...

Finding Mr. Right

Opens Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016 Synopsis: A pregnant Beijing mistress travels to Seattle to give birth to her child, and learns the meaning of humility when she befriends a humble maternity-ward driver while awaiting the arrival of her negligent sugar daddy. From the moment she arrives in Seattle, Wen Jiajia (Tang Wei) is positively insufferable. Berating everyone at the nursing ward as she casually flaunts her wealth, Wen quickly alienates herself from the staff and patients alike. The only one who can tolerate her is reserved driver Frank (Wu Xiu-Bo), and that's only because he's too polite to put her in her place. Meanwhile, an unexpected development prompts gold-digging Wen to reflect on her attitude and reassess her priorities. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi Cast: Tang Wei, Xiubo Wu, Elaine Jin Movie Details Play Trailer Buy Tickets Movie Review

Fathers and daddies are different

...whatever, the son's son misses out on time with a daddy. Fathers and daddies are different. That may not be a news flash to you...over fathers. A father can buy his child a bike. A daddy will help his child ride it. A father can take his...

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...good representation? RANT FOR THE Brother's Keeper program. This is the year 2014, this should not even be needed. Make daddies take care of the offspring they bring into the world. We working taxpayers are tired of this insanity BECAUSE OF THE ex-coroner's...

Masters drama ends far too soon

...again ? this time with his 2-year-old son, Caleb, wandering up to the edge of the 18th green to get scooped up in his daddy's arms."Having my son means more to me than the green jacket," Watson said.A second green jacket opens even more doors...

Girls prep basketball stars are ready for next level

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Daddies' little girls definitely got game. The newest crop of elite high school girls basketball players, including daughters of professional...

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Moore: 100 years later, I still remember my father

...comfort in knowing that whatever we did, Daddy did much more. His worked through his...town for an ice cream cone. Once, after Daddy cut down a tree in our yard, he turned it...looking like a spinning seesaw.From Daddy, I got my bony feet, my lack of patience...

Device could tackle theater annoyances

...Tired of spending your money to see a new movie, only to have the experience ruined by obnoxious teenagers whose mommies and daddies never taught them to behave in public? At Augusta's major movie theater, technology might be riding to the rescue. Last...

Honest work penalized; sloth rewarded

...your country, get old and get wounded, and you cannot even get into government housing. But have five children by as many daddies that you can find, and not only will the government give you a place to stay, but they will feed you, too. Work hard for...