Fathers and daddies are different

...whatever, the son's son misses out on time with a daddy. Fathers and daddies are different. That may not be a news flash to you...over fathers. A father can buy his child a bike. A daddy will help his child ride it. A father can take his...

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Empty Stocking List

...memory of Dick Mehrhof from his family $200In loving memory of Barmans, Sopers, Ungers and Wallaces $50In memory of Big Daddy, Junior, and Ed we miss you. Love Blue, Darlene $100In memory of GrandPa, We love you and miss you, Miss Haley, Jonathon...

Girls prep basketball stars are ready for next level

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Daddies' little girls definitely got game. The newest crop of elite high school girls basketball players, including daughters of professional...

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Device could tackle theater annoyances

...Tired of spending your money to see a new movie, only to have the experience ruined by obnoxious teenagers whose mommies and daddies never taught them to behave in public? At Augusta's major movie theater, technology might be riding to the rescue. Last...

Honest work penalized; sloth rewarded

...your country, get old and get wounded, and you cannot even get into government housing. But have five children by as many daddies that you can find, and not only will the government give you a place to stay, but they will feed you, too. Work hard for...

It's scary what's out there

...Well, that's up to you. It's not the automatic decision anymore -- go door-to-door, collect Kit Kats, Sugar Daddies and Butterfingers, and eat them until you get sick. When you get a little older, it's still a night to have fun and maybe...

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Carl Wittenmyer Jr.

...officiating. The family will receive friends for two hours prior to service time. A lifelong Ohio State Buckeyes fan, "Big Daddy" was a proud Vietnam veteran and a stranger to no one. He was loved and adored by many, especially his favorite "Q-tips...

GOP principles uplifting

...began as a child in the Great Depression ? my respect for good Christian black people.Our family consisted of Mother and Daddy, me born in 1928 and my sister, Claire, born in 1932.There was a black family ? Essie, her niece Sadie and her husband...

You remembered: Augusta's railroad past

...boy" could come to the house and wake up Daddy to get up for work.One of the saddest days...between them, and work or play cards. Daddy would leave me at our cousin's house...aunts and cousins, and my grandparents. (Daddy and the uncles are at work.) The train...

Empty Stocking Fund donations

...sweet face baby girl love puppy of all time $200Merry Christmas from Landon, William and Courtney $25In loving memory of Daddy, Granddaddy, and Byron from Tommy and family $100Edmund and Mary Booth $150Ronald, Ryan, Laura and Bruce Anderson $100...