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...tips and tricks; free; (706) 826-1511, arcpls.orgAUGUSTA ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY MEETING: Thursday, Aug. 20, Big Daddy's Bar & Grill; primitive skills technologist Scott Jones, speaker; Overview of Lithic Resources and Technology of Georgia...

William Handberry Sr.

...Don's grandchildren and closest friends affectionately called him "Duck", but to his wife and children, he will always be "Daddy". His survivors include: his beloved wife of nearly 48 years, Marie Pinkston Jones Handberry; his son, William Donald...

Rants & Raves

...the first day of gay marriage rights? WHY ON EARTH IS Social Security supposed to be full retirement funding for people? My daddy thankfully taught me that you must not depend on it but save up yourself of your own money for your own future. I NOTICED THAT...

Fathers and daddies are different

...whatever, the son's son misses out on time with a daddy. Fathers and daddies are different. That may not be a news flash to you...over fathers. A father can buy his child a bike. A daddy will help his child ride it. A father can take his...

Life & style
Vacationing couple see blizzard in June

...little arms around her mother's neck."We learned in Sunday school about little boys and girls who don't have mommies and daddies," she said.The harried mom softened. Even after being a grouch, she thought, her child was still so sweet. And as tears...

Girls prep basketball stars are ready for next level

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Daddies' little girls definitely got game. The newest crop of elite high school girls basketball players, including daughters of professional...

Other sports
Device could tackle theater annoyances

...Tired of spending your money to see a new movie, only to have the experience ruined by obnoxious teenagers whose mommies and daddies never taught them to behave in public? At Augusta's major movie theater, technology might be riding to the rescue. Last...

Woman gets life sentence in fatal River Watch Parkway crash from 2012

...nurse at Georgia Regents Medical Center, testified that the boy told her before surgery on a torn tendon in his wrist that "Daddy was trying to get mommy to stop, but she wouldn't because they were fussing."Elliott Sapp was the first person to reach...

Honest work penalized; sloth rewarded

...your country, get old and get wounded, and you cannot even get into government housing. But have five children by as many daddies that you can find, and not only will the government give you a place to stay, but they will feed you, too. Work hard for...

It's scary what's out there

...Well, that's up to you. It's not the automatic decision anymore -- go door-to-door, collect Kit Kats, Sugar Daddies and Butterfingers, and eat them until you get sick. When you get a little older, it's still a night to have fun and maybe...

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