Soldier focuses on family as deployment nears

...support his mother, take pictures and help with school projects."It is bittersweet because I know I have to be mommy and daddy full time and rearrange my schedule for ball games, school functions and sick days," said his wife, Erica Davis, 37...

Fathers and daddies are different

...whatever, the son's son misses out on time with a daddy. Fathers and daddies are different. That may not be a news flash to you...over fathers. A father can buy his child a bike. A daddy will help his child ride it. A father can take his...

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Michael Outley

May 23, 1957 December 1, 2014 Today My Dear Son is your 58th Birthday We Love you and Miss You Everyday We know You Are with Your Daddy in Heaven Love, Mother, Monty and Sylvia and Your Daughters, Melissa, Jennifer and April

Girls prep basketball stars are ready for next level

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Daddies' little girls definitely got game. The newest crop of elite high school girls basketball players, including daughters of professional...

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Device could tackle theater annoyances

...Tired of spending your money to see a new movie, only to have the experience ruined by obnoxious teenagers whose mommies and daddies never taught them to behave in public? At Augusta's major movie theater, technology might be riding to the rescue. Last...

Honest work penalized; sloth rewarded

...your country, get old and get wounded, and you cannot even get into government housing. But have five children by as many daddies that you can find, and not only will the government give you a place to stay, but they will feed you, too. Work hard for...

It's scary what's out there

...Well, that's up to you. It's not the automatic decision anymore -- go door-to-door, collect Kit Kats, Sugar Daddies and Butterfingers, and eat them until you get sick. When you get a little older, it's still a night to have fun and maybe...

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Bobby Redd

...maker. He made beautiful pieces of furniture that the family will treasure forever. Mr. Redd was a loving, playful husband, daddy, and PaPa and a loyal friend to all. He especially enjoyed gardening and fishing. Mr. Bobby was preceded in death by his...

City officials can't make up mind on buildings

...hardworking, plain-spoken and loving.She met Daddy at the Pon ciana Restaurant in Tif ton...Highway 41, four miles out of town. Daddy did his part to make it a success, but...all seven of us to Mass every Sunday. Daddy, whose people were Primitive Baptists...

Family of police-shooting victim say unreleased video shows truth

...co-workers called and said, 'You need to go check on your daddy,'" Satterwhite, 47, said in a recent interview. "The...didn't stop, I wish he did, but the cop just ran up to daddy's car," Anthony Satterwhite said. "He didn't deserve...