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Leave funds in classrooms

...classrooms. Watching another class would be unfair, unsafe and unrealistic for the teacher and the students.Cut administrators, coordinators and their staffs. Leave the funding where it belongs ? that is, in the classroom, not at district...
Augusta tax increase certain

...806,160 Proposals for Reducing Expenditures: - Cut Administrator's Office Performance Evaluator: -$82,290...806,160 Proposals for Reducing Expenditures: - Cut Administrators Office Performance Evaluator -$82,290 - Departmental...
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
UGA's tight budget leads to uneven hiring

...70 jobs represent a sizable chunk of the 236 teaching positions left vacant after the past two years of state cuts, administrators said. But the university's maintenance team is not seeing similar growth. In 2002, a crew of 906 people cared...