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Don't discount danger of flooding

...would be interesting to know who convinced the governing bodies to declare the river bank not to be a flood plain anymore. I expect it would make the Robin Williams caper look like a tea party. Curtis D. Choplin North Augusta, S.C.
Blasts 'lying, cheating' airline pilots

...everyday when they are not. It is no wonder the polls are correct when they say the general population is supportive of Mr. Clinton and his lying supporters. This is done every day by the general population. Curtis D. Choplin, North Augusta
Opinion columns
Local floods pose a legitimate danger

I am in agreement with Curtis D. Choplin's May 30 letter, "Don't discount danger of flooding." From Columbia County to North Augusta, not one below-the-dam...
Retiree finds 'before tax savings' is an IRS ripoff

...before you start on Social Security and pay the freight. As high as it will be, it will probably be less than if you wait. The best thing to do is not to put any money into "before-tax savings." Curtis D. Choplin, North Augusta, Ga.
Seeks visionary leaders in river flap

...the state, and figure how to please his gambling friends. North Augusta has been busy digging a bigger and deeper hole to get their water. Who cares whether the river looks like the tide just went out? Curtis D. Choplin, North Augusta