Haley insists SC can afford to cut income taxes

...vehicles, would generate roughly $400 million yearly for the Transportation Department once fully implemented in three years.Critics say that still doesn't come close to meeting the additional $1.5 billion yearly over two decades the agency says it needs...

Sniping about 'Sniper'

...American Sniper, the blockbuster movie based on his life, to take posthumous potshots at the celebrated soldier.Left-leaning critics and celebrities have blasted the runaway hit ? directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper ? for "celebrating...

Michaux: Golf now rampant with cynicism

...Rosaforte.On the heels of that came another Woods drama.The world's most recognizable golfer is no stranger to scrutiny by critics who have called his credibility into question since his marriage famously fell apart in 2009. He was unfairly called "cavalier...

Get in front of Ferguson

...could have quelled the "hands up" notion then and there.Now it's forever become part of the Michael Brown mythology.Critics ? including Ron Hosko, a former FBI official who now heads the Washington-based Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund...

Embattled Cleveland coach Blatt remains beloved in Israel despite struggles in NBA debut

...against him have become his backers, with the loyal following taking up a prominent presence online to defend him against critics.Dotan Ben-Yosef, a 25-year-old university student, is among many who can't wait for the morning highlights and...

Europe unleashes aggressive stimulus to boost eurozone

...England and the Bank of Japan have also done bond purchases.Draghi and the ECB governing council made a key concession to critics of massive government bond purchases: They said the risk of any losses would stay with national central banks for 80 percent...

Transparency motivates longtime nuclear activist

...especially concerning nuclear work, had just begun. Among the many SRS programs he keeps an eye on, Clements is an outspoken critic of the mixed-oxide fuel fabrication facility, which has had massive cost overruns and schedule delays.Clements is not alone...

Horse 'kill buying' legal, but critics see abuse, deception

Kill buyers purchase horses at auctions or other outlets in the U.S., haul them hundreds of miles and sell them by the trailer-load to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada.

SC bill would change magistrate selection

...which can result in a politician's selection of family friends and campaign donors for coveted magistrate judge spots, critics say.Sen. Lee Bright's joint resolution, S. 99, would allow voters to change the constitution so that county magistrates...

Google Glass pulled off consumer market as company works on more refined, affordable version

...said John Simpson, privacy project director of Consumer Watchdog, a group that has been among Google's most strident critics.About half of all consumers had privacy concerns about Glass, according to data compiled by Forrester Research.The price...