Your Money: Don't fall victim to bogus tech support calls

...accounts.Be sure to update your antivirus software and run a virus scan.Consider placing a fraud alert on your credit report if you shared personal and banking information with the scammer or if you suspect that malware was installed.Find...

Senator presses Experian to disclose details of data breach that affected T-Mobile customers

...provide "credit freezes" to affected customers for free. Credit freezes allow customers to restrict access to their credit reports in cases of potential identity theft, but typically credit agencies charge for this service. Brown also asked Experian...

If You Want Different Results, You Have to Try Different Approaches

...The first step is to grab your credit report (the federal government allows...know what everything is on your credit report? Take care of all of those things...Even if you never look at your credit report, though, you can already take...

Corporate trainer is on the move using financial literacy bus

...session is $30, none goes beyond $55. Sessions range from creating a budget, to how to read a credit report, to understanding what a credit report is, to managing debt. I also have a members club for $10 monthly. They get a workbook, a session...

New credit scoring aims to make it easier for people with no, or poor credit, to get cards

...of LexisNexis. People will be able to dispute any negative event, like a contested utility bill payment, in their credit report."All you have to do is just pay your bills on time. It will give you access to credit system," Flemish says.

Major credit agencies agree to changes sought by advocates

...People who contest items in their credit reports will receive additional information...agencies agreed to remove from credit reports previously reported medical collections...with the bureaus that hold their credit reports. The announcement Monday arrived...

Simple Steps to Avoid Identity Theft

...started with that stuff. Keep an eye on your credit reports. Get your free credit reports from the Federal Trade Commission each year...preventative stuff ? automatic sending of credit reports each year, automatic credit report monitoring...

How to respond to data breaches

...pre-emptive strike by freezing your credit reports. This will not affect existing...place a fraud alert on your credit reports. While less effective than a...is key. Regularly check your credit reports at annualcreditreport.com for...

Staples says 1.2 million might have been exposed in breach

...is offering free identity protection services ? including credit monitoring, identity theft insurance and a free credit report ? to customers who might be at risk.The security breach affected different stores at different times between July...

BBB advises consumer on handling debt collectors - both legitimate and phony

...debt could also show up on your credit report.Contest errors. If no debt...clear up inaccuracies on your credit report. Write a detailed letter and...and obtain credit. Review your credit report to identify fraudulent activity...