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MLB hopes opening series will help drive interest in baseball Down Under

...nachos served in plastic Dodgers and Diamondbacks helmets and something at least one Australian newspaper had to explain to its readers - "caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts."Cracker Jack, not usually available in Australia, will be sold.
Clayton Kershaw shines as Dodgers beat Diamondbacks in opener Down Under

...another capacity crowd was expected.They feasted on baseball-style treats like nachos stuffed in batting helmets and Cracker Jack, which is not usually sold in Australia. If you could afford the cost and the calories, a 2-foot-long hot dog...
Stadium arguments can have little to do with game

...McGinty to find out what to make of this latest move. Iron Glove said this is how it goes:BUY ME SOME PEANUTS AND CRACKER JACK... AND A NEW STADIUM: "We love your city and want to play baseball here forever," says Cash "On The Barrelhead...
Odd Stories

...000 turns up in box of crackers IRVINE, Calif. --- The box of crackers Debra Rogoff bought from the store had some Cracker Jack in it: an envelope stuffed with $10,000. "We just thought, 'This is someone's money,' " she said. "We...
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Buckeyes' defense drops the ball again

...didn't erase that memory. They added another one. LSU 38, Ohio State 24. Somewhere, legendary Ohio State head-crackers Jack Tatum, Tom Cousineau and Randy Gradishar are not smiling. The Buckeyes rolled into New Orleans with the nation's...
The human asterisk

...sports' most untouchable record being tied the other night. The man had his hands in his pockets. What? Fishing for Cracker Jack money? But why not? Baseball has historically looked the other way when it comes to steroids. And now that slugger...
Rants and raves

...WHO THINKS North Augusta has it together needs to ride down to the Hammond's Ferry subdivision and look at all the Cracker Jack boxes being built, people on top of people, total destruction of the natural environment. Yeah, North Augusta has...
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Popcorn: Snack food supreme - especially homemade

...acting up, why not try homemade Cracker Jack, the original popcorn, peanut...was the forerunner to the later Cracker Jack made of caramel-coated popcorn...substituted for peanuts. Homemade Cracker Jack 8 cups plain popped corn 1 cup mixed...
Private firm works on housing at Fort Gordon

The private firm taking over post housing at Fort Gordon marked its first day on the job Monday with face paint and Cracker Jack. The snacks and fun were part of a family-friendly welcome staged by GMH Military Housing to herald the transition...
GreenJackets to drop concessions prices

...remained the same price, but Centerplate will increase the smaller version to the bigger size it was this past year. Cracker Jack boxes will also return to last year's larger size. Brown said the prices of nachos, french fries and frozen lemonade...