Prosecution continues malice murder charge against Martinez man in baby's death

...woke to his girlfriend's screaming, shook the baby and took him to the living room where he performed CPR. The autopsy showed no signs that CPR was performed.Before help arrived, Harris and Russell hid drugs in the home in a cooler on the back...

Columbia County judge rules lack of evidence dimisses murder charge against Martinez mother in death of infant son

...breathing.Harris has said he woke to Russell screaming. They took the baby into the living room, called 911 and performed CPR.At some point before help arrived, Harris and Russell hid drugs ? methamphetamine, marijuana and synthetic marijuana...

Hands-only CPR, pushy dispatchers are lifesavers

...More bystanders are willing to attempt CPR if an emergency dispatcher gives them firm...Association has been promoting hands-only CPR for two years, though it's not clear...when bystanders did dispatcher-directed CPR, confirming earlier research that on-scene...

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CPR classes provide life-saving training

...wasn't shy about asking questions about CPR. Mrs. Wright was among about 20 people who attended a free Family and Friends CPR training class Saturday sponsored by the...lot. I wanted to be informed of how to do CPR, because anything can happen at any time...

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Study: Toilet plunger-like device is better than CPR

...something like a toilet plunger is better than CPR at saving heart attack victims. While some...standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation. With CPR, a person's palms are pressed against...compared with 2 percent of those given CPR. The study also found that 6 percent of...

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The essentials: Performing CPR

E veryone knows about CPR, but few people know how to do it correctly...basic steps you should take while performing CPR. To work at a kids camp, as I do, counselors...five cycles (two minutes). REMEMBER: CPR is a good skill to know, especially since...

Test tells when CPR is futile

BOSTON (AP) - Analyzing the breath of victims of cardiac arrest may help paramedics decide when to stop CPR and consider them dead. A study in Thursday's issue of the New England Journal of Medicine found that the amount of carbon dioxide...

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Suit filed in stun gun death

...states that a bystander told the officers Harvey could not breathe and needed CPR. Another bystander, who was a nurse, arrived on the scene and began to perform CPR but was too late as Harvey had died.The officers then called for an ambulance...

Augusta Tech's Economic Development Division helps train area workforce in vocational skills

...Training Center taught basic life support skills, including CPR, to 23 nursing students. Many of them were enrolled at...Augusta or Columbia markets.She said the course improved her CPR skills by teaching her to spread out her stance to provide more...

Baby found dead in Martinez trailer park, mother and boyfriend facing drug charges

...found that Bentley was not breathing. Russell and Harris immediately moved the baby to the living room, called 911 and began CPR, the report said.Columbia County Deputy Coroner Bonnie King pronounced the child dead at 5:21 a.m. King said that there...