Eighth area Barney's Pharmacy set to open in May

...Bryant said the location will house an education area like his other pharmacies. Classes will be held there periodically on CPR and diabetes management.Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA, which owns the building, is expanding its pharmacy...

A look at 'unexpected' deaths in community care homes

...breathing. The caregiver called 911 and started CPR without checking the patient's pulse first...found staff negligent for not performing CPR. ? The day before a 40-year-old man died...him unresponsive on the floor. He started CPR and called 911. The caregiver reported that...

Girl's death among 500 in one year in community care

...was lying on her bedroom floor and Juliet Ssenjakko was performing CPR. Kazibwe felt a faint pulse and took over CPR. The emergency medical services crew arrived and took over CPR while taking Christen back to MCCG.Hospital staff declared Christen...

Toddler found dead in Ga. lake

...pulled from the water.Baldwin County Sheriff Bill Massee tells The Telegraph of Macon that deputies tried their best to do CPR and resuscitate the child, but those efforts were unsuccessful.An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.The child's name wasn't...

5th UGA student dies this year

...night out and found one of their friends unresponsive in the back seat of their car. Responding UGA police officers performed CPR on 19-year-old Michael McClary, who was pronounced dead at the hospital.A recently filed autopsy report from the Georgia...

Rants & Raves

Comments from readers. TO THE WRITER who wrote the comment about CPR, you should retake your CPR course. Choking on an object lodged in the throat and being held in a choke hold are two entirely different...

Hands-only CPR, pushy dispatchers are lifesavers

...More bystanders are willing to attempt CPR if an emergency dispatcher gives them firm...Association has been promoting hands-only CPR for two years, though it's not clear...when bystanders did dispatcher-directed CPR, confirming earlier research that on-scene...

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CPR classes provide life-saving training

...wasn't shy about asking questions about CPR. Mrs. Wright was among about 20 people who attended a free Family and Friends CPR training class Saturday sponsored by the...lot. I wanted to be informed of how to do CPR, because anything can happen at any time...

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Study: Toilet plunger-like device is better than CPR

...something like a toilet plunger is better than CPR at saving heart attack victims. While some...standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation. With CPR, a person's palms are pressed against...compared with 2 percent of those given CPR. The study also found that 6 percent of...

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The essentials: Performing CPR

E veryone knows about CPR, but few people know how to do it correctly...basic steps you should take while performing CPR. To work at a kids camp, as I do, counselors...five cycles (two minutes). REMEMBER: CPR is a good skill to know, especially since...