Probation advisory council investigates company, won't recommend policy

...and not the minor traffic offenses mentioned in media reports about the issue.Council member John Ott, a superior court judge in the Alcovy Circuit, said it wasn't the council's job."The proper function is for the legislature to step...

State court judge urges support to restore 'tolling' on misdemeanor sentences

Richmond County State Court Chief Judge Richard Slaby pressed Augusta legislators Monday to support a bill that would legalize "tolling" of misdemeanor sentences, something the Georgia Supreme Court recently ruled was illegal.

Falcons place Alford on injured reserve

...tight end Aaron Hernandez's murder trial has banned all NFL gear from the courthouse once the trial starts.Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh's order, released Monday, says people will not be allowed inside if they're wearing or carrying clothing...

Richmond County State Court Judge issues order freeing some from jail in wake of recent Sentinel Offender Services ruling

...safety class. He was released when his mother paid Sentinel $103.Hills McGee was released from jail after a Superior Court judge ruled that his mental disability made it clear his guilty plea was not constitutional and therefore he didn't owe...

High court denies Sentinel request for appeal; 13 lawsuits to proceed to trial

...Sentinel probation officer's contention he failed to report and failed to pay Sentinel $186 in probation fees.Superior Court Judge Michael N. Annis granted a habeas corpus petition that freed McGee from jail. The judge found it was impossible to...

Who guards the guardians?

...a vulnerable situation is bad enough. Being asked to pay good money for the abuse is another assault.One Superior Court judge, Wade Padgett, stopped appointing guardians in October because he no longer wants the hassle.The GAL system desperately...

Sentinel files appeal for reconsideration of justices' unanimous decision in 13 lawsuits

...opinion released Nov. 24, the state's highest court reversed some findings and affirmed others made by Superior Court Judge Daniel J. Craig in a September pretrial order.Specifically, the Supreme Court ruled Sentinel's contract to provide...

Guardian ad litem program faces scrutiny

...comment about the guardian ad litem program" to Superior Court Judge David Roper.A 14-page packet titled GAL Essentials...provides standardized invoices to guide billing.Superior Court Judge Wade Padgett stopped appointing guardians in October...

Georgia Supreme Court decision on probation causes cancellation of warrants

...Here in DeKalb County, we are recalling all of our probation warrants where the time has expired," said DeKalb State Court Judge Wayne M. Purdom.The court has closed roughly 4,100 cases and is still researching 1,500 more, and Purdom said...

More parents complain of guardian ad litem billing

...anything she was supposed to do."Lydia Rajczak, a senior guardian who started the program in 1999 under Su perior Court Judge Robert All good, said she has not been appointed to any cases in at least two years, after she began to question billing...