Dedications, renovations are easier said than done

...I'll have a seat at the table and a gavel in my hand." THE CAT IN THE HAT KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THAT: Richmond County Republican Party Chairman Dave Barbee was so elated over the Republican wave in the midterm elections, especially Rick Allen's...

Democrats, Republicans view Sunday voting differently

...Sunday voting more significant."This is typical of the Republican concept of voting," he said.Richmond County Republican Party Chairman Dave Barbee scoffed at Greenbaum's hopes."It's a partisan issue on the Democrats' part," Barbee...

Jack Kingston's Senate runoff loss means less clout in Washington for Georgia

...God, he knows how to get around Washington and get things going,' " said Lis Overton, who heads the Chatham County Republican Party. "We're all a little depressed right now."Kingston's defeat lessens Georgia's political experience in...

Great expectations

...enforcement political action committee.Finnegan, a Fort Gordon retiree and former chairman of the Richmond County Republican Party, has been a tireless activist for south Augusta since moving to the area more than 30 years ago. He has a big...

Candidate bios

...officer; retired Fort Gordon senior telecommunications specialistPOLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Former chairman, Richmond County Republican Party, secretary, 12th Congressional District GOP; GOP state committee; member of Augusta Personnel Board; South...

Hasan tops Finnegan in District 6 commission race

...think we put it out there and we came a little short," said Finne gan, the former chairman of the Richmond County Republican Party.While both Hasan and Finnegan downplayed the racial component of Hasan's win, it gives black members a six-vote...

Getting Augusta more goats might be the easy part

...former Richmond County Clerk of Court Lester Newsomel; former District 7 Commissioner Tommy Boyles; and Richmond County Republican Party Chairman Dave Barbee."I've got a better chance of putting out the fire in hell with a squirt gun than being...

District 6 election features variety of candidates

...city employee and a past commission candidate.Bob Finnegan recently stepped down as chairman of the Richmond County Republican Party. The Fort Gor don retiree is a longtime resident of Augusta's Alleluia Community, a neighborhood of evangelical...

Sen. Graham: Immigration reform is a must

...criticized for working with Democrats on the issue. It's one reason why a half-dozen or so of the state's 46 county Republican parties passed resolutions chastising Graham during his second term.But he said the primary shows most Republicans...

Committee for Good Government releases endorsements

...the commission District 2 race; neighborhood activist Sammie Sias in the District 4 election; former Richmond County Republican party chairman Bob Finnegan for commission District 6 and incumbent businessman Grady Smith for Super District 10.