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...salaries database Database of Aiken County employees' salaries. February 2012 Online Database by Caspio Source: Aiken County government. Don't Miss Databases: Search public records data Things to Do: Events calendar

Rants & Raves

...tell what time certain shows come on. AFTER IMPOSING THE biggest property tax increase in the consolidated Richmond County government's history with NO attempt to cut wasteful spending, the Augusta Commission now intends to burden property owners...

2014 Election Night Updates

...approval for the new SPLOST is at 57 percent. I have seen tweets that vehicles are starting to arrive at the Aiken County government center, so results from the county's 79 precincts are flowing in. 8:05 p.m.In Georgia, Columbia County...

'Chronicle' is source for election coverage needs

...is a puzzlement that more Americans don't participate.Elsewhere on this page, you will find an article by our county government reporter Susan McCord about early voting. Today is the last Saturday to take advantage of that program in Georgia...

The 'M' word: Why aren't more politicians talking about our money?

...him. Why not? Because the 22 percent property tax increase for this year will not raise enough money to pay for county government in 2015. Taxes are going to have to go up again.This madness eventually will stop when the tax rate collides with...

Rants & Raves

...reality there are no funds available. Take money out of your retirement account and build it yourself. THE RICHMOND COUNTY government might as well say no whites need apply because all they are promoting is unqualified blacks to positions of power...

Georgia's rural hospitals teeter as solutions are debated

...The estimate ranges from 75,000 to 100,000.County governments are in just as bad a shape as the hospitals and many times in no position to help, Lewis said.Rural county governments "are having to make a decision whether they want...

Columbia County races

...a communication and feedback system that would allow residents to have timely access to information involving our county government, and a simple means to forward their input. The District 3 commissioner should vote the desires of District 3 and...

Shortchanging schools?

...before casting a vote this November. Our sister paper, the Columbia County News-Times, certainly plans to ask.Bottom line: School taxes should be primarily funding county schools, not infusing the county government with extra cash.

Officials tell Grovetown, Columbia County residents to brace for change

...to the crowd of more than 300 gathered Tuesday evening at Liberty Park gym in Grovetown. Representatives from the county government, the school board, the cities of Harlem and Grovetown and Fort Gordon had come together for the fourth annual State...