Appeal hearing over Columbia County hospital ends

...We presented a very compelling case and we are very pleased with how the hearing went," said Susan James, the general counsel for Georgia Regents Health System. "The department really focused on what was different about our application, which was...

Newt's backstabbers

...this month four independent counsels were busy investigating not...though none of the special counsels have completed their work...being investigated by a special counsel - that a Gingrich-taught...at least until the special counsels turn in their reports. But...

Finally finding his calling

...a drinking habit. Now, the 57-year-old former pastor counsels people suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. He started...my alley. I love it," Ms. Epps said. In addition, she counsels individuals, groups and families, which provides a break...

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A scanner to make James Bond proud

It will appeal to spies, independent counsels, students and anyone else on the run who needs to make quick copies of documents. This month, Hewlett-Packard Co. began selling...

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Seniors have many area resources

In my position as a broker who counsels Medicare beneficiaries about Medicare Advantage plans, I have come in contact with many seniors and the local agencies who strive...

Five questions with Robin Petry

Robin Petry is a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator at University Hospital who frequently counsels patients about their diets. 1. Many people will be at the beginning of diets now. What are the keys to success, to staying...

Business news

...under the most stress since the start of the recession, according to an economic index calculated by an organization that counsels people struggling with financial issues.People feeling unsure and a little cranky have good reason, the compilers of the...

Conferences raise questions about church teaching on life and death

...death is drawing renewed scrutiny as a result of meetings hosted by the Pontifical Academy for Life, a Vatican think tank that counsels Pope John Paul II. The academy, after a conference on assisted fertility, condemned treatments such as in-vitro fertilization...

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Notice of Disciplinary Action State Bar of Georgia Attorney Perrin...

Notice of Disciplinary Action State Bar of Georgia Attorney Perrin Bowie Lovett Martinez, Georgia Disbarment June 15, 2015 For more information contact Office of General Counsel (800) 334-6865 or (404) 527-8720 July 2, 2015 Ad # 16661945

Starr vs. Walsh

...point to the "sainted" Lawrence Walsh as a model special counsel -- fair-minded, judicious, even-handed and economically...objective look at the decade's most well-known special counsels. To say the least, Starr more than holds his own against...

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