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Committee gives Gold Cross Augusta EMS zone

...said.Commissioners reached Thursday, including Alvin Mason and Donnie Smith, said they will wait until the full council votes to decide what to do next.Sias, who is running for a commission seat, said the company shouldn't have bid for...
One final hurdle remains for Project Jackson

...Before voting on the second reading, North Augusta Mayor Lark Jones reminded the audience that despite how the council votes, nothing is final at this point."This is the ordinance that will gave us the tools in order to move Project Jackson...
Aiken County Council votes on Project Jackson tonight

The Aiken County Council is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. today , and a Project Jackson vote is on the table.
Project Jackson passes second council vote

Aiken County Council voted 6-3 in favor of the second reading of the plan during a special meeting that included a public hearing Tuesday night at Aiken Technical College.
Georgia town's council votes to requires gun ownership

The city council in a small north Georgia town, Nelson, voted Monday night to make gun ownership mandatory -- unless you object.
Small Ga. town scene of political intrigue, mysterious fire and investigations

...and other citations, Fogarty said."He transferred it to the general fund and then sent it to the state" without a council vote, he said.Johnson declined to say whether that is accurate, but she explained that any municipality that operates a...
Many areas that would get transportation sales tax funds have no plans for how to use it

...probably won't list any unless the tax passes.Legally, it may not matter whether lists are approved by board or council votes. Unlike the $6 billion list, a local government is free to revise a board vote on the local money at any time and...
North Augusta council votes to put Sunday alcohol sales question on Nov. 6 ballot

The North Augusta City Council voted Monday to give citizens the right to vote to approve the sales of alcohol in restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores on Sundays in the county general elections on Nov. 6.The referendum, if adopted in November, would allow all establishments with a license to sell drinks for on-premises consumption, both restaurants and bars, to pay an additional fee for Sunday sales.The measure allows sales either on a weekly basis for $50 per Sunday, or for $3,000 per year.
Bad flu season fuels debate over paid sick time laws

...lawmakers and activists rallied Friday on the City Hall steps to call for passage of the measure, which has awaited a city council vote for nearly three years. Two likely mayoral contenders have also pressed the point.The flu spike is making people...
Aiken County Council decision threatens proposed GreenJackets stadium in North Augusta

...would remain frozen at 1996 levels for 30 years.Supporters of the project expressed frustration and dejection at the council vote.Chris Schoen, of Green stone Properties, the development group behind the proposed project, issued a statement...