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Coughing, sneezing and sniffling greet us in the new year

...inhospitable a host. ? Albert Schweitzer You know it. I know it.Those listening in church this morning know it from the coughing cacophony around them.The cooties are here. Season's greetings.Sniffling, hacking, throat-clearing, post-nasal...
Survey tracks Graniteville gas leak effects

GRANITEVILLE -- Coughing, burning eyes and shortness of breath were the most common symptoms...Jan. 6 chlorine release in Graniteville. Most frequent symptoms Coughing: 81 percent Burning eyes: 76 percent Shortness of breath: 73 percent...
Richmond County schools' hygiene praised

Using hand sanitizer and coughing into elbows might be fighting more than just the flu in area schools.At a time of year when schools typically see higher absences...
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Whooping cough vaccine may be lacking

Sophie Starcevic's coughing grew so bad that it would cause her to vomit. "The coughs didn't sound like regular coughs any more but had changed into a...
Cuts turn away patients

...left lung to a vicious fungal infection and recently began coughing up blood again, a sign his aspergillosis might have returned...for the test because he is uninsured. "I told them he's coughing up blood, and they said it didn't matter," said his half-brother...
New strain of flu hits area

Some people have been at the mercy of sniffles, fever, headaches and coughing since Christmas. Others are dragging themselves into local emergency rooms suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. Victims of a...
NASA rover in 'critical' condition; twin nears Mars landing

PASADENA, Calif. -- NASA's Spirit rover lay in critical condition Friday on Mars, coughing up only a few gasps of data, as engineers struggled to diagnose the ailment and also deal with the impending arrival of its twin...
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Aiken plagued by miscues in region loss

...just kept on coming.The Aiken boys basketball team struggled in the fourth quarter and lost to Lexington, 72-63, coughing up an eight-point advantage to start the fourth quarter.After Tra Parker hit two free throws to extend the Hornets' lead...
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Freedom goes up in smoke

...Clearly something has to be done further to protect the health of this country's people.But it shouldn't be done at the expense of individual rights -- even the rights of the coughing, wheezing stalwarts who insist on smoking.
Fireplace smoke signals

...fireplace after it's been sitting idle all summer can cause all sorts of unwanted problems. They range from red eyes and coughing to air pollution and carbon monoxide poisoning. So before you hold a match to any logs, be they natural wood or natural gas...
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