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Tech industry pushes for cybersecurity, tax breaks

...Georgia is already a leading state for data centers because of the exemption, ample fiber-optic networks, low-cost electricity and relative immunity from natural disasters. But Virginia and other states are poaching Georgia's game.The...
Agency must buy alternate power

...already having to buy replacement power to meet obligations to hundreds of electric cooperatives that depend on low-cost electricity. So far this year, it has bought 12,000 megawatt hours -- or roughly $960,000 -- in alternate power, said...
Dismisses defense of `public' lakes

...universal, then why does the S.E.A. need a huge, big-buck advertising campaign to try to sell it? - "Low cost electricity" is advertised. I recall that the electricity produced by the Tennessee Valley Authority is now the highest-priced...
Water is money for dams

...Mr. Spencer said. "This year it's been wet all along." The Southeastern Power Administration sells low-cost electricity to hundreds of utilities across the Southeast. Seasons with enough rainfall to allow unlimited power generation...
Moody made things happen for the area

...and Reservoir -- now J. Strom Thurmond Dam and Thurmond Lake -- and its hydroelectric plant.The dam's low-cost electricity helped persuade the federal government to build what was then called the Savannah River Plant, now the Savannah...
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