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Agency must buy alternate power

...already having to buy replacement power to meet obligations to hundreds of electric cooperatives that depend on low-cost electricity. So far this year, it has bought 12,000 megawatt hours -- or roughly $960,000 -- in alternate power, said...
Dismisses defense of `public' lakes

...universal, then why does the S.E.A. need a huge, big-buck advertising campaign to try to sell it? - "Low cost electricity" is advertised. I recall that the electricity produced by the Tennessee Valley Authority is now the highest-priced...
Water is money for dams

...Mr. Spencer said. "This year it's been wet all along." The Southeastern Power Administration sells low-cost electricity to hundreds of utilities across the Southeast. Seasons with enough rainfall to allow unlimited power generation...
Moody made things happen for the area

...and Reservoir -- now J. Strom Thurmond Dam and Thurmond Lake -- and its hydroelectric plant.The dam's low-cost electricity helped persuade the federal government to build what was then called the Savannah River Plant, now the Savannah...
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