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Law backs airlines in dress code debate

...It's an unspoken rule that when you go out in public, you should be respectful."But Leigh Ann Epperson, a corporate lawyer who had just flown in from Tokyo, says she wouldn't be bothered if another passenger's shirt bore the F-word...
Strong Black Woman

Now Playing Synopsis: 27-year-old corporate lawyer Veronica weighs the benefits of remaining married to her photographer husband against her growing desire to become a stronger, more independent woman in this drama from writer/director Carl Jackson. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi Cast: Jennifer Brinker, Martrell Upton, Ceci Parker, Andrea Jones, Esquire Duke Movie Details Play Trailer Buy Tickets Movie Review


Opens Friday, Dec 6, 2013 Synopsis: Pregnant Toronto-based performance artist Stephanie (portrayed by a very pregnant Valerie Buhagiar) accidentally sets labor into motion after a rather rambunctious round of lovemaking with her current boyfriend, Ian (Tom Melissis), whose unsure whether or not he's the baby's dad, but is willing to take on the job if he is. In her resultant giddiness, Stephanie proceeds to gather all of her closest friends and family -- and all their problems and neuroses -- for the much-anticipated event. Included in the birthing party are Anita (Debra McGrath), Stephanie's high-strung older sister and ex-friend of Stephanie's midwife, Julia (Angela Gei); Jack (Karl Pruner), Anita's husband and corporate lawyer big shot, who is beginning to have concerns about his marriage; food photographer and official birth documentarian Gary (Colin Mochrie), who was also a lover of Stephanie's and also wishes to be the baby's father; Dani (Barbara Radecki), who dislikes children and is only present because of a drunken oath she made to Stephanie; and Azaan (Derwin Jordan), Stephanie's neighbor and frequent artistic partner. As Julia arrives on the scene and sets up a birthing tub in the middle of Stephanie's expansive loft, each participant does what he or she can to help the expectant mother comfortably give birth while trying to deal with his or her own personal crises. ~ Ryan Shriver, Rovi Cast: Valerie Buhagiar, Angela Gei, Derwin Jordan, Debra McGrath, Tom Melissis Movie Details Buy Tickets Movie Review

Corporate lawyer named Ravens president

...the Baltimore Ravens after helping to broker Steve Bisciotti's purchase of the team. Cass, a Washington-based corporate lawyer, also represented Jerry Jones in his acquisition of the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 and has worked for the NFL on various...
GOP leads, may sweep Georgia's top posts

...Human Resources Commissioner Jim Martin in the lieutenant governor's race. In the battle for attorney general, corporate lawyer Perry McGuire was trying to unseat incumbent Thurbert Baker who held a slim margin with about half of the statewide...
A qualified nominee

...Harriet Miers, who was Bush's first choice to succeed O'Connor, had no comparable experience. She is a good corporate lawyer who spent many years serving Bush, first in his capacity as Texas governor, then as president. But she's never...
Traipsing down the low road

...Obama at the most recent debate, talking about how he was helping unemployed Chicago workers while Clinton was "a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart." The former first lady made a half-hearted show of brushing off what he said...

...Baltimore Ravens after helping to broker the purchase of the team by Steve Bisciotti. Cass, a Washington-based corporate lawyer, also represented Jerry Jones in his acquisition of the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 and has worked for NFL on various...
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Felicity Huffman teams with husband William H. Macy in 'Reversible Errors'

...not being able "to get all dressed up" because of family demands. Macy, 54, plays Arthur Raven, a big-time corporate lawyer who is grudgingly assigned to a pro bono appeal for a man on death row claiming innocence. While unraveling the...
NRA backs bill to prohibit gun bans

...takes away the right of a lot of these second- and third-shift workers to protect themselves because some rich corporate lawyer has decided that they want to impose this type of policy." While he was speaking, he was taunted by Bob Thornton...