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Across the region

...S.C. --- The city of Greenville is hoping to become a model of energy efficiency.The city is talking with corporate giant General Electric Co. about electric car fleets, hybrid water heaters, LED lights and downtown upgrades as part...
Vandalism outrages small town

...years ago, pacifist-minded Takoma Park is now in the position of rallying around the local branch of Subway, a corporate giant with 20,687 stores in 72 countries worldwide. Residents say they don't like chain stores in their small city...
Young's work for Wal-Mart criticized

...something that other advocates for economic justice don't," Mr. Lowery said in a statement. "Maybe we will see the corporate giant be born again and become a good corporate citizen." Mr. Young, who as one of Dr. King's top lieutenants was...
Watts, Linney, Clarkson lead Sundance dramatic lineup

...American militarism from director Eugene Jarecki; "Enron: Rise and Fall," Alex Gibney's exploration of the corporate giant brought down by scandals; "Frozen Angels," an examination of scientific and social ramifications of human-reproduction...
Official corners president

...Georgia and to encourage his interest in the issue," Ms. McKinney said Friday. "This is a classic case of the corporate giant taking advantage of the little landowner to fill their own pockets," she said. "This investigation needs to be...
Council delays annexation proposal for Excel

...two weeks from now, when the annexation is expected to get approval. He said they want more protection from the corporate giant than has been offered so far. Residents are concerned about heavy traffic, curiosity drivers into their neighborhood...
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Tobacco company pays in liability case

...Matthews, Friday's payment was a big accomplishment. Most law firms don't have the financial backing to take on a corporate giant like Brown & Williamson. The tobacco companies are known for waging long exhaustive appeals that can drive most law...
A look at the 20th Century: 1974

...agree to a cease-fire on the Golan Heights. Nov. 20: Federal officials file an antitrust lawsuit to break up corporate giant AT&T. Nov. 21: Congress passes the U.S. Freedom of Information Act over President Gerald R. Ford's veto...
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Council begins fulfilling Westinghouse promises

...AIKEN -- The Aiken City Council has begun fulfilling its promises to Westinghouse Government Services, easing the corporate giant's move to Aiken. The council agreed Monday to sell property it owns on Newberry Street to Aiken Corp., which...
Metro | Aiken City Council
Prozac criticized, job offer withdrawn

...affiliated with the university. Critics say it appears that David Healy's job offer was rescinded to avoid offending the corporate giant or for fear of compromising future fundraising efforts. Eli Lilly said it had no role in the matter. The university...
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