China's move to devalue its currency intensifies fears about world's 2nd-largest economy

...weaker currency, to prop up exports and its domestic economy," said Eswar Prasad, an international economist at Cornell University.Yet many economists cautioned against seeing Beijing's move mainly as an effort to benefit its exporters at...

Man accused in Charleston church shooting indicted on dozens of federal charges, including hate crimes

...reduced.Prosecutors in the Roof case appear to have a lot to work with, said Jens Ohlins, a law professor at Cornell University who has followed the case.It's going to be, he predicted, "very, very easy for a federal jury to conclude...

Keep pets away from wildlife in summer

...that people think are gentle, such as deer, said Dr. Gretchen Schoeffler, an emergency and critical care vet at Cornell University Hospital for Animals in Ithaca, N.Y. Almost any wild animal is capable of striking, she said."Most wildlife...

Francis Vogel

...he graduated from Villanova University, Case Western Reserve Medical School and trained in Neuropathology at Cornell University. He served in the United States Air Force. As a professor of neuropathology, he retired from Duke University...

No labels necessary

...Americans would agree it's best to keep price-inflating food politics there to a minimum.A study last year by Cornell University said state-by-state GMO labeling would raise food prices for consumers by $500 a year because producers would...

Help fight Alzheimer's

...of the 2015 grants totaling $450,000. Grants went to researchers from Washington University in St. Louis, Cornell University and Georgia Tech.This is a fight Rotarians are committed to! You can help! For more information on Coins for...

Income inequality flap is much understated through deceptive data

...income study has been provided by sociologists Mark Rank and Thomas Hirschl, of the University of Missouri and Cornell University respectively.Before treating the Rank-Hirschl results, it is useful to examine Piketty's latest contribution...

Health capsules - fitness news and notes

...little helps Exercise seems to bestow its benefits on people even when done only five minutes a day, a study at Cornell University has found. Such a modest exercise regimen does not work wonders - it does not cause weight loss - but it can increase...

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Radar mapping challenges notion of moon ice

...evidence of ice on the moon, data that appears to contradict scientists' earlier conclusions, say astronomers at Cornell University's Arecibo Observatory. The scientists say in an article in this week's Science that the unmanned Clementine...

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Researcher says light at back of knees can shift sleep cycles

...shinning lights into the eyes, researchers say. A Cornell University researcher said Thursday experiments showed that...into the eyes," said Scott S. Campbell of the Cornell University Medical College in White Plains, N.Y. It has...

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