Police deploy Tasers to stop Augusta man after eluding for allegedly stealing Wii controllers

An Augusta man was tased twice and arrested Monday after attempting to steal two Nintendo Wii controllers from Wal-Mart.Approximately 5:01 p.m., deputies responded to 3209 Deans Bridge Road, where 35-year-old Dwayne Stanford...

Gene Smith

...Evans, GA. Gene was born in Morehead City, NC on September 19, 1937. He served in the USAF for 20 years as air traffic controller. He served two tours in Vietnam. He became the Senior Pastor of In Focus Church officially in November 1990. He served...

Game designers consider future of controller

...demise of the traditional controller. Despite revolutionizing...and used as a traditional controller, Nintendo of America President...franchise Guitar Hero , as controllers have taken the form of gizmos...turntables.But not every mutated controller has been a hit. Gamers didn't...

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Controllers ready spacecraft for Christmas landing on Mars

FRANKFURT, Germany -- Controllers of Europe's first Mars mission...and begin sending a signal to let controllers know it has safely touched down...it will be several hours before controllers get a chance to confirm its landing...

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Barrow helped air traffic controllers

Air traffic controllers in Augusta and the flying public owe...return the FAA and the air traffic controllers back to the bargaining table. While...impose a contract on our nation's controllers is a safe or smart way to address...

Ground controllers take over new robot arm

...With astronauts standing by like traffic cops, ground controllers nudged a 5-foot, experimental robot arm back and forth...11/2 -foot box and open a small, hinged door. Ground controllers skipped these tests and instead focused on simple movements...

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Ex-traffic controller's suggestions for Augusta's airports

...parallel runways, etc., at Bush Field. I was an air traffic controller, having spent my last two years at Bush Field before retiring...between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. I was also an air traffic controller in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for 19 years. We had a single...

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Reports of drones flying near manned planes and airports are up dramatically

...aren't visible on radar to air traffic controllers if they're made of plastic.The agency's...feet to 6 feet long.? Air traffic controllers in Burbank, Calif., received a report...near the giant Hollywood sign.? Controllers at central Florida's approach control...

Mullis: Keep grass watered until lawn goes dormant

...day that in the 8 ½ years that I have lived at my house, this is the first time I have ever had to change my irrigation controller to standard time from daylight savings time. I have just never needed to water after the time change at the end of October...

Robots taking samples from waste storage tanks at Savannah River Site

...residual waste found on tank floors, attached to walls or in mounds.The robots, each costing about $120,000 including a controller, are left inside the tanks permanently because they are contaminated.In other news:? In recent months, modifications...