BBB advises consumer on handling debt collectors - both legitimate and phony

...rogue debt collection companies, many consumers are even more suspicious of those calls...debit card or money transfer only, consumers need to report this immediately.It's also important for consumers to verify the alleged debt before taking...

Taxing the Internet

Consumers duped into believing increased...The fee could be forced on consumers through an Obama-endorsed...choose. That's good for consumers because it keeps ISPs competitive...nonexistent problems.As a consumer, you may have noticed the...

Kohler introduces new odor-eliminating toilet seat

...in the bathroom more pleasant. When it comes to toilets, consumers can get seats with features such as slow-closing lids...cost.Kohler sees deodorizing technology as something most consumers can connect with, Bougher said. "In terms of odor, everyone's...

25 Smart Ways to Handle a $1,000 Windfall

...heater can cost a thousand or so. The other catch is that you probably already have a hot water heater that works, and as Consumer Reports says, it's probably not quite worth discarding a working hot water heater just for an efficiency upgrade. If your...

Wine Time: Stoneleigh Latitude Chardonnay 2013, New Zealand

...although other varietals are making great strides.New Zealand Chardonnay has increased in popularity among vintners and consumers. During the 1990s, plantings of Chardonnay vines exceeded those of every other grape in New Zealand. It is planted in every...

South Carolina residents warned of phone scam

...legitimacy of a caller, hang up and immediately call your utility to verify, as well as your local law enforcement agency."The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs has a phone line for reporting consumer scams: (800) 922-1594.

2015 forecast calls for 2 percent job growth in Augusta

...Dhawan said."When income growth is limited, forcing consumers to draw on liquid assets to buy a big-ticket item, something...he said. "That something else in the view of rational consumers is discretionary spending."The economist also mentioned...

Tax payments by credit card cost more

...handling the transactions, he said.Still, the office reviews its processes annually and might do away with the fee as consumers increasingly rely on plastic and methods of payment other than cash and checks, he said."I am considering eliminating...

Showdown looms between US safety agency and Japanese air bag maker over recall

...on their own and settle cost issues later with Takata, said Allan Kam, a former NHTSA attorney who now is a consultant to consumers and manufacturers.Takata, he said, is not among his clients.The safety agency acted after weeks of criticism from lawmakers...

US retail sales rise at modest pace in October as greater hiring, cheaper gas boost spending

...the figures suggest consumer spending could rise...report shows a "boost to consumer spending power and sentiment...there were some signs consumers remain cautious.The...about $1 billion for consumers to spend on other items...economy. Measures of consumer confidence reached seven-year...