Jim Wertz

...with Augusta Care Pregnancy Center. He taught at Aiken Technical College, worked for Bechtel at SRS, and was a consulting engineer in Columbia. He was a member of Fleming Baptist Church, where he had taught Sunday school and Apologetics classes...

Officials work on projects list

...truly believe we're facing a period of significant inflation, particularly in the construction industry," consulting engineer Robin Chasman said. County officials are working on a list of capital projects to present to voters July 20...

Across the area

...period the canal is empty. The drawdown previously was scheduled for Monday. Jorge Jiminez, the project's consulting engineer, said the canal will be drained for about two months to install new water pipes and perform other work as part...

Metro | Richmond County Crime
Need for fire repair remains

...license for those storefronts until the repairs are made, department Director Rob Sherman said. George Nelson, a consulting engineer in North Augusta, concluded that the "framing was burned to the point where it needs to be repaired or replaced...

Dive team inspects cracks found in dam

...upstream side, it backs up only five or six feet of water and is not a safety hazard, said Jorge Jiminez, a consulting engineer working with Augusta to relicense its canal. Although there are some cracked areas of the dam, a failure would...

Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
University uses poultry grease to heat buildings

...tests that began the last week of January and are scheduled to run through the end of next week, Mr. Adams and consulting engineer Bob Synk have found that such fuels might be a surprisingly good alternative to fuel oil. They can be cost-competitive...

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Many hands want to dip from river

...routine approval. But it didn't. In fact, it drew somewhat of an outcry. Just ask Jim Aton, the county's consulting engineer. "Here's something you can put in the paper," he said. "There's 500 pages of comments we have to respond...

EPD director ends tenure of 32 years

...Branch in 1969. He's been at the agency ever since, except for a two-year stint in the private sector as a consulting engineer, where he plans to return after taking a couple of months off. The Georgia Tech graduate rose through the ranks...

City expands water system

...channel and the structure for the intake of raw water must extend beyond the weed line," said Tim Schumpert, consulting engineer for B.P. Barber & Associates of Columbia, project designer. "It will probably extend about 10-15 feet further...

Metro | North Augusta City Council
New Orleans' evacuation plan fund went to bridge

...Lambert said he could not trace how or if FEMA money came to the commission. Nor could Shelby LaSalle, a Causeway consulting engineer who worked on the plan. Mr. LaSalle said it would be "ludicrous" to consider his report an evacuation plan...

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