Georgia Congressman Paul Broun pushing medical marijuna bill

Congressman Paul Broun, R-Ga., who represents east central Georgia, is cosponsoring a bill that would legalize on a national basis the...

Congressmen seek House support for Savannah harbor

SAVANNAH, Ga. - Georgia's 14 congressmen sent a letter Wednesday to the chairman of a House budget...order to ensure this project moves forward."The Georgia congressmen ask for budget language reiterating that Congress has reclassified...

Agencies are attack dogs

...Koskinen, who has donated nearly $100,000 to Democratic candidates and zero to Republicans, essentially thumbed his nose at congressmen with the cavalier attitude of "I'm untouchable."The solution to the menace of the IRS is not to reform the agency but...

Animals entering political ads

...spenders, "Let's make 'em squeal," a command the pigs are heard to obey promptly.Rival Bruce Braley, a Democratic congressman, looked around the political barnyard and figured chicks could handle his rival's pigs."When Joni Ernst had a chance...

Phil Gingrey endorses Jack Kingston for Senate

...might have been rivals for the Republican Senate nomination, but Phil Gingrey and Jack Kingston remained friends, the two congressmen said Wednesday in a news conference they are combining forces.Gingrey, who came in fourth in last month's primary with...

7 congressmen calling for immigration enforcement

ATLANTA --- All seven of Georgia's Republican congressmen have asked the head of the federal immigration agency...ahead of Georgia.In a letter dated Thursday, the congressmen invited U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement...

Analysis: Congressmen lead talk about Obama advisers

ATLANTA --- Two Republican congressmen from Georgia have been as vocal in criticizing the Obama administration's...Gingrey and Lynn Westmoreland are the only other Georgia congressmen who have signed on. Mr. Broun worries about erosion of the...

Georgia's congressmen turn to Internet

...Albany, and you just might get a personal reply from the congressmen. Log on to an Internet chat with Rep. Charlie Norwood of...said Rep. Jack Kingston of Savannah. Reaching Georgia congressmen Rep. Bob Barr, 7th District (R-Smyrna) Rep. Sanford...

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Congressmen fight dip into surpluses

WASHINGTON -- Both Augusta-Aiken area congressmen are urging House Republican leaders not to dip into projected surpluses to pay for new military and disaster-relief costs. Reps...

Congressmen join call for logging halt in Southern Appalachians

WASHINGTON -- Six Democratic congressmen have joined the push for a logging moratorium in the most remote but unprotected areas of the Southern Appalachian national forests...