Augusta Democrat John Barrow touts his bipartisan ranking

...ranking calling the Augusta Democrat Congress' most bipartisan member."I refuse...votes for the people, not his party."Congress has changed dramatically over the last...redistricting nationwide has led to a Congress more controlled by legislators who speak...

Augusta Canal | The Augusta Chronicle

...1993, the authority issued a comprehensive master plan, outlining the canal's development potential. In 1996, the US Congress designated the Augusta Canal as a National Heritage Area. In the 21st century, the Augusta Canal is once again a source...

Construction continues for MOX facility at Savannah River Site under continuing resolution funding levels

...which begins Wednesday. However, Congress' inability to pass a budget for the...facility at least for a few more months.Congress approved a continuing resolution Sept...measure expires Dec. 11, after which Congress will try to reach a budget agreement...

Rants & Raves

Comments from readers: THE ELECTION IS just around the corner. Will the people have a Congress that works with our president and for the American people? Or will his last two years be marred by tea party obstruction? Every...

12th Congressional District candidates John Barrow, Rick Allen debate issues in Evans

...that."In his closing remarks, Barrow re-emphasized his ability to "get things done.""I've earned a reputation in Congress as somebody who can get things done because I can work with anybody, Repub lican or Democrat," Bar row said."That's...

Charles Walker is free but not ready to talk to the newspaper

...Going to Atlantic City.Q: What are your plans for the future?A: I have several projects in mind. After I run Champ for Congress again, I want to turn Ellis Street into a canal. Then I want to install smart parking meters on Broad Street and rename GRU...

Dems meddle, but GOP gets the blame

...more than a half-century of Democratic Congresses, somehow they manage to put the blame...housing fiasco, too, should be laid at Congress' doorstep. When Democratic special...taking the blame, now the Democratic Congress is making the banks the bad guys. And...

Allen is a public servant

...civic and religious activities. His honesty, experience and success in the business world far better equip him to serve us in Congress than an Ivy League lawyer who has helped President Obama and his "team" make the big mess in Washington.Vote for Rick Allen...

Looking forward to honorable president in White House

...take a walk down memory lane" and recall some achievements from 40 years' worth of Democrat-dominated administrations and Congresses: 1960s: The Bay of Pigs fiasco; the coddling of Communism; the failed "Great Society" programs; the dramatic escalation...

Opinion columns
Congress blasts National Highway Transportation Agency for handling of GM ignition switch issue

WASHINGTON - Both houses of Congress scolded the nation's highway safety agency Tuesday over its tardy handling of a deadly problem with General Motors cars, questioning...