Isakson chides Nunn about Sen. Harry Reid

...The November 4 elections are still 10 weeks away. I can tell you that I most certainly would not be voting for Harry Reid. To vote for Reid would be the same as voting for the status quo which is a gridlocked Congress," she said.

Augusta Canal | The Augusta Chronicle

...1993, the authority issued a comprehensive master plan, outlining the canal's development potential. In 1996, the US Congress designated the Augusta Canal as a National Heritage Area. In the 21st century, the Augusta Canal is once again a source...

The biggest bailout

...government agency has a credible estimate of how much taxpayers' money is at risk."Turns out the nebulous ACA law ? the one Congress had to pass so you could "find out what's in it" ? backstops insurers' risks three ways. One of those is called risk...

Burger King could move to Canada despite upset US customers

...this month, Walgreens abandoned plans to pursue a tax inversion after negative publicity about the move.President Obama and Congress have criticized inversions because they mean a loss of tax revenue for the U.S. government.White House spokesman Josh...

Barrow, Allen both target Obama in early TV ads

...The White House insisted that first Congress needed to raise an outdated spending...follow, or get out of the way."Though Congress did raise the project's spending limit...of 2009 votes of individual members of Congress. But the same Washington publication...

Georgia defense has slimmed down as Clemson draws near

...look into claims by a former Air Force criminal investigator, Staff Sgt. Brandon Enos.In a 12-page memo to members of Congress dated May 17, Enos alleged that former academy superintendent Michael Gould barred military investigators from speaking to...

Janet Yellen says job market shows economy still needs Fed support

...that the Fed's rate decisions will be dictated by the economy's performance. Repeating language from an appearance before Congress in July, Yellen said that if the economy improved faster than expected or if inflation heated up, rates could rise sooner...

Barrow's rival close to investing $1 million of own money

SAVANNAH, Ga. - Regardless of whether he wins his race for Congress this fall, Augusta businessman and Republican Rick W. Allen is on the brink of joining an exclusive club in Georgia politics...

Isakson touts VA overhaul as answer to Augusta's problems

...and better health care at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center.Before adjourning for a monthlong break, Isakson said, Congress agreed to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs by hiring thousands more nurses, doctors and mental health counselors...

Answer a few questions

...and terrorists from countries too numerous to count?Why is Congress not pulling out all stops to assist our Middle East allies...Christians who are being killed by "JV team" terrorists?Why is Congress not defunding frivolous spending programs that result from...