Dems meddle, but GOP gets the blame

...more than a half-century of Democratic Congresses, somehow they manage to put the blame...housing fiasco, too, should be laid at Congress' doorstep. When Democratic special...taking the blame, now the Democratic Congress is making the banks the bad guys. And...

Augusta Canal | The Augusta Chronicle

...1993, the authority issued a comprehensive master plan, outlining the canal's development potential. In 1996, the US Congress designated the Augusta Canal as a National Heritage Area. In the 21st century, the Augusta Canal is once again a source...

Looking forward to honorable president in White House

...take a walk down memory lane" and recall some achievements from 40 years' worth of Democrat-dominated administrations and Congresses: 1960s: The Bay of Pigs fiasco; the coddling of Communism; the failed "Great Society" programs; the dramatic escalation...

Opinion columns
No Syrian refugees for Georgia, Gov. Deal says

...recently resettled to ensure they do not pose a security threat to our citizens," Deal said. "Until the federal government and Congress conduct a thorough review of current screening procedures and background checks, we will take every measure available to us...

Paris attacks might renew encryption debate

...The Obama administration continues to encourage tech companies to include such backdoors, although it says it won't ask Congress for new law that requires them."The Snowden revelation showed that backdoors can be destructive, particularly when they're...

Heavy fines loom over MOX project

...complete. "We intend on continuing construction of this critical facility to the plutonium disposition mission as long as Congress authorizes and funds the work," Trice said. "Our hallmarks are safety, quality and professionalism, and we will continue...

Gov. Haley announces creation of One SC flood relief fund; asks residents to contribute

...But "they can't do anything without contributions coming from this organization."Haley indicated she won't push for Congress to pass a relief package for South Carolina like the one passed for Hurricane Sandy relief in 2013. Four of South Carolina's...

Rants & Raves

...essay contest? TELL REPUBLICANS to shut down the Benghazi Committee immediately. The Republicans are abusing their power in Congress for political gain, and it needs to end. WE NEED JERRY Brigham back on the Augusta Commission representing District 7. Mr...

Georgia gas-tax hike makes it a winner in federal transportation bill, congressman says

ATLANTA ? Georgia should come out a winner in the federal transportation bill before Congress because of the state's willingness to boost taxes to build and fix roads, one of the bill's authors said Monday.And freight...

Congress votes to delay rail safety mandate by 3 to 5 years, fund transportation programs

WASHINGTON - Congress passed a bill Wednesday that delays...ship freight by rail have been urging Congress to provide a delay.The bill gives...positive train control," she said. Congress is likely to be faced with more requests...