Dems meddle, but GOP gets the blame

...more than a half-century of Democratic Congresses, somehow they manage to put the blame...housing fiasco, too, should be laid at Congress' doorstep. When Democratic special...taking the blame, now the Democratic Congress is making the banks the bad guys. And...

Looking forward to honorable president in White House

...take a walk down memory lane" and recall some achievements from 40 years' worth of Democrat-dominated administrations and Congresses: 1960s: The Bay of Pigs fiasco; the coddling of Communism; the failed "Great Society" programs; the dramatic escalation...

Opinion columns
Christian persecution worldwide too often is greeted with silence

...Middle East and Africa? As the leader of the World Jewish Congress, Lauder slammed global apathy to persecution of Christians...are these voices? Where are the voices of parliaments and congresses? Where are the voices of campuses? Where are the voices...

Augusta Canal | The Augusta Chronicle

...1993, the authority issued a comprehensive master plan, outlining the canal's development potential. In 1996, the US Congress designated the Augusta Canal as a National Heritage Area. In the 21st century, the Augusta Canal is once again a source...

Economy does better under GOP

...can be traced directly to Congresses controlled by Democrats...Clinton, and both houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats...116 months of GOP control of Congress. During the summer of 2006...Bush, and both houses of Congress were controlled by Republicans...

Congress votes to delay rail safety mandate by 3 to 5 years, fund transportation programs

WASHINGTON - Congress passed a bill Wednesday that delays...ship freight by rail have been urging Congress to provide a delay.The bill gives...positive train control," she said. Congress is likely to be faced with more requests...

Latest: House sends health care overhaul bill to Obama

...President Barack Obama for his signature as Congress takes the final steps in the Democrats...cusp of succeeding where numerous past congresses and administrations have failed, jubilant...there will be reprisals at the polls, in Congress and in the courts.The complicated two-step...

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Congress weighs giveaways to auto, trucking industries, snubs changes sought by safety groups

...highway deaths, safety advocates say the Republican-run Congress is snubbing their agenda and taking sides with the auto and...putting 2015 on track for the second most recalled vehicles. Congress has held 10 hearings on auto safety defects over the past two...

Stress hand up, not handout

...regulation ? the same values that once made this nation the richest and most powerful in the world.Democrats and some GOP Congresses have enacted into law over the years government regulations, safety nets and restrictions on free enterprise that stifle...

Calls Norwood criticism deceptive

...taxpayers. Under current law, passed by Democrat-controlled Congresses, timber companies are given credit for a portion of this...nationally-respected Price-Waterhouse accounting firm reported to Congress that the road credit program was not only not a subsidy...