Reshaping heart is new treatment for congestive heart failure

...short of breath. Constant fatigue caused by congestive heart failure eventually forced the 72-year-old business...More than 5 million Americans suffer from congestive heart failure, and about 1,000 people die each day from...

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Report: Blacks' care no factor in heart failure deaths

Black Americans with congestive heart failure are more likely to die than...in disease mechanisms. Congestive heart failure occurs when heart muscle...people died directly from congestive heart failure and another 219,000 deaths...

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FDA OKs new drug to fight heart failure

...approved a new treatment for congestive heart failure Thursday that when used...new approach to treating congestive heart failure in 14 years. But the drug...medication, the FDA warned. Congestive heart failure means the heart is so overstressed...

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...Williams, slowed by a series of strokes and congestive heart failure in recent years, was back in the hospital Thursday...later he had the open-heart surgery because of congestive heart failure. He spent part of his time recovering in San...

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Study: Cheaper drug just as effective against heart failure

...The newest drug on the market for treating congestive heart failure is no more effective than a much older one that...46 men and 21 women, ages 29 to 97, who had congestive heart failure. After six months, researchers found the drugs...

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...Saturday in fair condition, reportedly with congestive heart failure. Officials at Shands Hospital declined to provide...reported Saturday that Williams was admitted with congestive heart failure, and doctors are strongly considering implanting...

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FDA approves drug for heart patients

...decade to ease the breathing of hospitalized congestive heart failure patients, a genetically engineered drug called Natrecor. Almost 5 million Americans have congestive heart failure, in which the heart gradually loses the ability...

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Experimental drugs helping heart patients

...earlier - was suffering from congestive heart failure, and doctors did not give...promise for patients with congestive heart failure, or CHF. Not only is Mr...people ages 65 and over. "Congestive heart failure doesn't get the respect...

Close call doesn't stop couple's trek

...still weren't ready for it when he went into congestive heart failure as she walked the back roads of California trying...In this case, it was also the cause of his congestive heart failure, as the heart was unable to pump enough to get...

Surgery puts New Ellenton man on pace

...dozen patients with severe congestive heart failure who has undergone a new...U.S. who suffer from congestive heart failure, in which the heart muscle...cardiologist, on a rise in congestive heart failure cases Reach Tom Corwin at...

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