Edgefield museum is shrine for South Carolina Red Shirts, who attacked blacks during Reconstruction

EDGEFIELD, S.C. - The home of a Confederate officer who helped take power away from...of the men who lived there and other Confederate icons such as Gen. Robert E. Lee and...mansion bought after the Civil War by Confederate Gen. Martin Gary. Gary would be one...

Augusta Canal | The Augusta Chronicle

...Dartmouth, Sibley, and John P. King textile mills along the lower end of the first level date from the 1870s and 1880s. The Confederate States Powder Works Chimney is also in the area. A source of power, water, and transportation, the Augusta Canal...

Declares Confederates 'not traitors'

...speaking in good faith would refer to Confederates as traitors. But here, 130 years...we have had more closet Yankees and Confederates (those who have very recently adopted...involved in the discussion. Comparing Confederate soldiers to Nazis is like comparing...

Cites instances of black Confederates

...of Embattled Confederates by Bell Irvin...a letter to Confederate President Jefferson...doubtless wore the Confederate gray, but were...of Negroes in Confederate ranks, but...Indians. Refer to Confederates of Color on...

21 Confederates receive funeral

...Confederacy. The remains of 21 Confederate fighting men were buried...error. It was the fourth Confederate funeral in six years in Charleston...ceremony, soldiers untied the Confederate flags from atop the unpolished...The remains of 41 other Confederates found beneath the stadium...

Brazilian 'Confederates' get back to roots

...chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans. About 9...Confederados," Spanish for "Confederates." They held on to...of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. "In Americana...they celebrate their Confederate heritage more than...

Explosion of Georgia counties meant to counter urban growth

...turned on the South as the Civil War broke out and the state renamed the county to honor Georgia native Francis Bartow, a Confederate brigade commander killed at Bull Run. Cassville, the county seat, kept its name for a few years, but Gen. Sherman burned...

Maintains Rebels `lovers of liberty'

...vile, odious, violent and despicable Confederates whose ancestors were "Scot, Irish...Polish, French, Swiss and Hebrew. Confederates were a diverse people. Persuaded of...would defend them. ... All true Confederates were lovers of constitutional liberty...

Residents revisit Confederate battle

...fight, and if the Confederates didn't win this...battle -- the last Confederate victory -- will...Another unknown Confederate soldier is buried...but at least 31 Confederates died and 160 were...Springs, where Confederate troops first mustered...it was for the Confederates to win the Battle...

Aim and fire

...he said, "At least the Confederates lost." Mr. Brauch represented...E. Bee Camp Sons of the Confederate Veterans and the 14th S...Battle of Aiken began when Confederate soldiers, under the command...that he lost his hat. The Confederates saved the town from being...