Georgia's new technical college commissioner makes first trip to Augusta

...cardiovascular care in the community, said Corbin was also concerned about whether Augusta Tech was up to par in 3-D computer technology."She is really focused on making sure that we are targeting our students towards the most demanding fields...

Computer technology to increase

ATLANTA -- Georgia universities are turning out only about a third of the computer technology graduates needed each year, contributing to huge shortages in the work place. So the Board of Regents agreed Wednesday to launch...

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GM moving computer technology inside company, to hire 10,000 techies

...plans of its biggest rival, Ford Motor Co., aren't nearly as ambitious.GM aims to bring 90 percent of its computer technology work into the company by recruiting workers to four new information technology centers around the nation. Ford...

Tech students serve as high school's gurus

...problems, they call students from Allen Powers' computer technology class. Mr. Powers' students remove computer...Vincent Novak, an 18-year-old senior, said many computer technology students like the class so much, they spent their...

Technologist shares his vision of future

...when it comes to genetics, pharmaceuticals and computer technology. Human clones, internal computer chips dispensing...and the patient would receive the drug. Internal computer technology already is a reality, at least for astronauts...

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Modem maker shutting down after sale efforts fail

ATLANTA -- Hayes Corp., a computer technology pioneer that fell behind the times, is shutting down after two decades. Some 250 employees were laid off Monday, leaving only...

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Judge strikes down Internet porn restriction

...expansion of federal child pornography law that targets computer technology used to alter images to make them sexually explicit...Protection Act was adopted to combat the use of computer technology that enables a pornographer to alter a picture...

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Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs

...get on the phone, talk to a secretary and coordinate calendars," Redmond says. "Now, things are done by computer."Technology is used by companies to run leaner and smarter in good times and bad, but never more than in bad. In a recession...

Experts embrace future of technology

...the latest, it's the most powerful, it's ... wait a minute, now ... obsolete. The headlong rush of computer technology is nothing new. Each week brings advertisements for personal computers with faster processors, more memory...

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Court upholds child porn law

...in Boston, overturned the ruling of a lower court judge who declared the law unconstitutional. The law targets computer technology that can be used to alter an innocent image of a child into a picture of a child engaged in a sexually explicit...

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