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P@$$w0rd confusion has many people seeking other options

...write them."We are in the midst of an era I call the 'tyranny of the password,'" says Thomas Way, a computer science professor at Villanova University."We're due for a revolution."One could argue that the revolution is already...
Backlash stirs in US against foreign worker visas

...workers don't constantly retrain themselves, their skills become obsolete," he said.Norm Matloff, a computer science professor at the University of California, Davis, agreed that age plays into it - not because older workers are less...
As auto technology builds, so does hacking

...or a spy could listen to conversations inside a car, Stefan Savage, a University of California-San Diego computer science professor, said in a telephone interview. He co-wrote a paper last year after discovering ways to hack into cars...
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...found that Apple infringed on three patents held by Mirror Worlds LLC, a company founded by Yale University computer science professor David Gelernter to commercialize his ideas.
Driverless military truck lurches from lab to streets

...just trying to win, but we're also trying to advance the topic of safer cars," said Sebastian Thrun, a computer-science professor who leads Stanford University's team. "There are so many other great uses of this technology." Mr. Thrun...
Electronic voting faces new scrutiny

...with them. The copies would be rolled into canisters and stored for nearly two years. A Princeton University computer science professor reported this month that he and a pair of graduate students were able to hack into a Diebold electronic voting...
Hackers gather at confab to penetrate computers, pick locks, spray pellets

...liabilities. "The ability to do something that's socially unacceptable is always a thrill," says Chris Eagle, a computer science professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. Several rooms away, 17-year-old Dan Beard is readying...
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Health, safety applications created for phones

...They can range from informative to fun -- part of what gives them market potential, said Robert Jarman, a computer science professor at Augusta State University."It's something that is going to do nothing but grow as the networks and technologies...
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Sony's software removal scheme aggravates security hole

...This is a surprisingly bad design from a security standpoint," said Ed Felten, a Princeton University computer science professor who explored the removal program with a graduate student, J. Alex Halderman. "It endangers users in several...
Robotic vehicles battle for spot in $2 million race

...designed to temporarily knock out their GPS capabilities. "It looks like a piece of cake," Sebastian Thrun, a computer science professor at Stanford University, said of the qualifying course that will challenge his team's entry, a converted Volkswagen...
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