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Know how much computer your child needs

...Database software - Docking station (for computer) - Educational software - Finance software - Hard drive (computer) - Internet software - Keyboard - Memory - Microphone - Modems - Monitors - Motherboard - Mouse - Operational software - Personal...
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Internet databases, DNA testing make modern genealogy an extreme pursuit

...churchyards looking at headstones. Now it can mean nothing more than strolling into his home office and booting up his computer. Internet genealogy can be extremely productive, agreed Dick Eastman, who writes an online genealogy newsletter. But it...
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Poll finds Americans dependent on tech gadgets move up in age, it becomes increasingly a male audience." Men were more likely than women to have personal computers, Internet access and MP3 players. Those who make more than $50,000 a year were more likely to have Internet access...
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Distressed denim, layered tops are all the rage

...500-or-less purchase of personal computers and related accessories is exempt. The exemption is granted to computers, Internet modems, printers, speakers and nonrecreational software. General School Supplies: Paper, pencils, notebooks...
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Techbits: Tiny drives, getting Sirius, e-7-Eleven, cell TV

...transaction. 7-Eleven hopes the machines appeal to customers who can't shop online at home because they lack a computer, Internet service or don't want to use credit cards for an online purchase. The Vcoms accept credit cards but also take...
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Pocket change

...children are characteristically more high-tech. Nearly one-quarter of households with teen-agers have a personal computer, Internet access and a cell phone, not to mention three television sets and two VCRs, according to Statistical Research...
What digital divide?

...only 18 percent more white households than black ones will be online. Other ethnic groups will also catch up. Computer/Internet access is not a civil right, nor should it be an entitlement. Americans who want to get online can do so without...
Eligible Ford workers to get home computers, Internet access

DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. is offering personal computers to its 350,000 employees worldwide for their home use.\r
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How wired should a student's world be?

...that every person will have the opportunity to make the most of his or her own life." Will the cornucopia of computers, Internet connections and more improve education? Or will it turn out like so many other technologies that have been thrust...
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Chamber of Commerce holds lobbying conference via Internet

...trying to build opposition to a global-warming treaty by connecting foreign policy veterans with the public on the computer Internet. About 200 people gathered at the business lobby's offices today to hear featured speakers, including former...
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