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Judge sues county administrator, 2 others

...County Probate Judge Robert Peeler is suing the county's administrator and county council chairman, along with a computer consultant, for taking his computer and downloading information for "private political purposes" meant to "embarrass...
Oberhofer Classic perfect for one who has everything

...wooden computer chassis. The Oberhofer Classic Series, brainchild of a 26-year-old Beverly Hills-based computer consultant and entrepreneur, is a line of computer peripherals -- including wireless mouse, keyboard and flat-screen...
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Computer consultant mergers suggest mixed trend for businesses

NEW YORK -- These days, about the only way big businesses can keep up with the latest computers and software is to hire outside consultants to suggest how to spend millions of dollars for new high-tech gear. But how much of the expensive advice is truly objective? Less and less, according to corporate technology managers warily eyeing this week's $9.2 billion takeover attempt for Computer Sciences, one of the few large high-tech outsourcing companies still independent of a technology maker.
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A list of the people killed or unaccounted for in Sept. 11 terrorist attacks

...30, New York, N.Y., computer consultant, Vital Computer Services...30, New York, N.Y., computer consultant, Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc...York, N.Y., waiter/computer consultant, Windows on the World/Julien...
Just don't call me, consumers plead

...his name to Indiana's new "no-call" list, he expected relief from the tyranny of telemarketers. But the computer consultant's dreams of dinner in peace quickly turned to alarm when he learned his own phone company intended to share details...
School official named in theft

...Superintendent Merle Temple Jr., and A. Stephan Botes, a computer consultant originally from South Africa. Mr. Botes was arrested...Superintendent Merle Temple meet at the offices of computer consultant A. Stephan Botes in Atlanta. That month, Mrs...
Weather worries Florida officials rate is so good now that a lot of people like us are coming across to the States," said Mr. Lynch, a computer consultant from Dublin, as he and his girlfriend sipped coffee at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. International tourists...
Empty-nesters flock to hip downtown areas

...Portland, Ore., and lived in Berkeley, Calif., as a young adult. "It was something I missed." Pugliese, a computer consultant, said it was in his career interest to move to the suburb of Palo Alto to work for IBM in the early 1970s. But...
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'A Treasure's Trove' clue yields $25,000 prize

...home. The token's prize is an 18-karat gold dragonfly decorated with diamonds and sapphires. Polterak, a computer consultant, had been reading "A Treasure's Trove" with his 4-year-old daughter, Allie. "Once I found the token...
Why rush kindergarten?

...probably would have been fine had we forced her into kindergarten early," said Devi's mom, Barbara Knaster, a computer consultant from Campbell, Calif. "Now I know she's really ready. She's much more self-confident." This fall...
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