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Activist fills foreclosed homes

...Pierre said. "In my own home, I'm free. I'm a human being now." Mr. Rameau, who makes his living as a computer consultant, said he is doing the owner a favor. Before Ms. Pierre moved in, someone stole the air conditioning unit from...
You thought $5 a cup was pricey? Welcome to the world of high-end home coffee

...drink their coffee like they drink their wine." Hugh McMillan is one such consumer. The Salisbury, Conn., computer consultant dates his own coffee obsession to a demonstration of a high-end Jura Swiss automatic espresso machine in a kitchen...
'A Treasure's Trove' clue yields $25,000 prize

...home. The token's prize is an 18-karat gold dragonfly decorated with diamonds and sapphires. Polterak, a computer consultant, had been reading "A Treasure's Trove" with his 4-year-old daughter, Allie. "Once I found the token...
Acura RSX delivers inexpensive luxury

...for RSX buyers is $79,000, she said, adding that about 12 percent of RSX buyers are computer programmers/computer consultants. Even the base RSX isn't a stripped model. Standard features include halogen headlights, power moonroof...
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Poll: Americans say taxes too complicated

...on other people's hard work, they can afford to give more back to the government," said Phil Rosenfeld, a computer consultant from Miami who leans Democratic. Kim Howard-Johnson, a San Diego homemaker who leans Republican, said she...
Edgefield County will switch offices

...ruthless vendetta" to have him removed from office. The judge is suing Mr. Adams and Mr. Kneece, along with a computer consultant, for confiscating his computer Sept. 3. Pornography was found on the computer, and Mr. Adams asked the South...
Are you protected?

...virus. "Millions of Americans are at risk," said Ken Watson, chairman of the NCSA. These days, you need a computer consultant every bit as much as you need, say, a banker or lawyer. This isn't a toaster you're dealing with.
Judge sues county administrator, 2 others

...County Probate Judge Robert Peeler is suing the county's administrator and county council chairman, along with a computer consultant, for taking his computer and downloading information for "private political purposes" meant to "embarrass...
Empty-nesters flock to hip downtown areas

...Portland, Ore., and lived in Berkeley, Calif., as a young adult. "It was something I missed." Pugliese, a computer consultant, said it was in his career interest to move to the suburb of Palo Alto to work for IBM in the early 1970s. But...
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Hollywood fights software that copies DVD movies at home

WASHINGTON -- Brian Martin, a computer consultant in Maryland, is careful when he handles the plastic discs in his DVD library of more than 200 movies. But accidents - and scratches...
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