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Wireless consumers unhappy with cell phone companies

...End? You have to compare apples to apples. I wouldn't compare the customer experience of dealing with a complicated technology with buying a shirt. It's just a whole different challenge." Cell phone troubles even dogged the reporting...
Product designers had fun year

...says Robert Schwartz, director of the Industrial Designers Society of America. "It says, `Look at me!"' Complicated technology has challenged designers to satisfy consumers' desire for simplicity. While TV remote controls might have 20...
South Carolina among 10 least ready for voting glitches

...touch screen machines in 80 percent of precincts reportedly malfunctioned. The report points to increasingly complicated technology as a factor in voting problems. But officials at the South Carolina State Election Commission strongly defend...
Natural gas markets undergo turbulent transition

...just to keep production flat. There are still some attractive prospects, company officials said, but the more complicated technology required to extract the fuel is, for now, too expensive. Meanwhile, other untapped areas they would like...
Wholesalers, manufacturers compete for customers on the Web

...and the stores that sell their products? Or should they support retailers who are struggling to develop the complicated technology behind Internet storefronts? Perhaps the most telling illustration of this power struggle features jeans maker...
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