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Study: television clutter rate at all-time high

...Fox Family Channel and E! Entertainment Television were the most cluttered, the study said. The report measured programming during one week in May and one week in November, as monitored by the company Competitive Media Reporting.
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Sales for first baldness pill disappointing

...last year spent an estimated $91 million promoting Propecia directly to U.S. consumers, according to Competitive Media Reporting, a media research firm. For the effort, Merck posted just $68 million in U.S. sales of Propecia last...
Company compiles data on advertising

...isn't so lucky. She can't run away; her job is to watch TV ads by the thousands and categorize them for Competitive Media Reporting, a firm that tracks advertising and commercial spending across the nation. The work can be mind-numbing...
Disney marketers go ape over animal theme park know how much Disney is spending on the Animal Kingdom campaign, said Michael Simoni, a spokesman for Competitive Media Reporting, which tracks advertising figures. So far, Disney has paid an estimated $145,600 for an eight-page...
Coca-Cola names new marketing czar as Zyman resigns

...nation's biggest advertisers, spending an estimated $316 million in the United States last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Under Zyman's watch, Sprite has become one of the fastest-growing soft drink brands with a zesty and...
FDA eases regulations on TV drug advertising

...Drug companies spent $595.5 million on such ads last year, a 90 percent increase over 1995, according to Competitive Media Reporting, which tracks ad spending. Some $52 million worth of drug ads were sold on network television last year...
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Brokerage ads worry consumer advocates

...about a sixth of the entire budget for the entire U.S. securities brokerage business, according to Competitive Media Reporting, a New York research firm. "They all have one thing in common: trade, trade, trade," said Marc Beauchamp...