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City needs better legal counsel

...will all be paying for this lack of forethought as well. We should call our leadership to account, then retain competent legal counsel who can recognize the battles that can be won, because this current form of so-called guidance just means more...
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Protest ordinance struck down

...Bob Young said he was disappointed in the court's ruling. "I'm very disappointed because we had some very competent legal counsel ... but we're encouraged because there was one judge that agreed with us," Mr. Young said. Augusta's...
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Jurors deadlock on sentence

...question - which is required at every stage of the pretrial and trial process in death penalty cases to help ensure competent legal counsel for those who might be sentenced to death - was rhetorical because Judge Pickett already had imposed the life...
Lawyer seeking payment

...attorneys in death penalty cases, people could be unfairly convicted and sentenced to death because they lacked competent legal counsel. Mr. Shapiro is so concerned about Augusta's Indigent Defense Committee that unless something changes between...
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Opponents say fairness is in question

...executed. The Innocence Protection Act of 2001 would increase access to DNA testing and ensure that defendants get competent legal counsel. The bill is in the Senate Judiciary Committee, of which Mr. Leahy is chairman. In an interview with The Augusta...