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Tax filing apps gain popularity

...stored not on the app itself but in a secure server, he added."We use all the most-up-to-date security communication protocols," Jackman said. "Whenever you shut down and you sign out of the app, that data leaves the phone. So if...
As Internet turns 40, barriers threaten its growth

...UC Santa Barbara and the University of Utah did by year's end. The 1970s brought e-mail and the TCP/IP communications protocols, which allowed multiple networks to connect - and formed the Internet. The '80s gave birth to an addressing...
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Nintendo DS offers new level of interactivity

...your doodles and short notes to as many as 15 others within a 100-foot radius using Nintendo's proprietary communication protocol. It's neat at first, but I wonder how often I'd really use PictoChat since you can only chat with other...
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Thirty-five years old, Internet remains a work in progress

...January, three other "nodes" joined the fledgling network. Then came e-mail a few years later, a core communications protocol called TCP/IP in the late 70s, the domain name system in the 80s and the World Wide Web - now the second most...
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In a data-mining society, privacy advocates shudder

...National Science Foundation recently launched a $12.5 million, five-year project to explore whether Internet communication protocols and applications - which were designed for maximum openness - could be rewritten to incorporate copyright law...
Techbits: Spam costs, gadget innards and Internet birthday

...was on Jan. 1, 1983, that the 400 or so computers hooked to what was then called ARPANET had to switch to a communications protocol called TCP/IP, said Vint Cerf, the protocol's co-inventor. It was TCP/IP that allowed multiple networks...
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America Online denies members access to thousands of web sites

...inaccessible to America Online customers when AOL decided to stop supporting the latest version of the worldwide web's communication protocol. The world's largest web hosting company, Hiway Technologies, was quickly flooded with angry email from...
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Bluetooth group adopts ultrafast radio technology

...and it's just the direction that our membership wanted to take," Foley said. Bluetooth won't be the only communications protocol for WiMedia hardware. Members of the alliance are developing a Wireless USB standard and another based on the...
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Techbits: Tech award, copy protection and more

NEW YORK - Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn have won the prestigious Turing Award for inventing the basic communications protocols that allow millions of Internet users around the world to send e-mail, listen to music online and flash instant...
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