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Tangled in the 'Net

...bureaucrats with broad and ambiguous powers can cause. This foolhardy embrace of Internet regulation should send a clear signal to Congress to overhaul the nation's communications laws.The Internet is not broken ? but it could be soon.
Aereo presses case despite Supreme Court setback

...considered a cable company, a 1996 communications law overrides some of the guarantees...differ under copyright and communications laws, and Davidson said Aereo must...Aereo a cable system under the communications law.Otherwise, Aereo could be...
People in the News

...because he plans to run for the U.S. Senate. The Golden-based company doesn't want to run afoul of federal communications law, which requires broadcasters to give equal time to opponents when a political candidate appears in a broadcast...
Things to Do
Fax ruling puts spam in hot seat

...probably will get the attention of Congress to get them to act in a pro-active manner," said G. Darryl Reed, a communications law expert and professor at John Marshall Law School in Chicago. A House committee approved a bill Wednesday that would...
Don't go there: Companies limiting workers' Internet access

...connections will be recorded. To protect confidential information and keep it in compliance with copyright and other communications laws, "the company is very disciplined in its approach to these sorts of things," she said. And Lincoln employees...
XXX Technology
Regal Cinemas changes curfew to change its rule, said Russ Nunley, Regal's Knoxville, Tenn.-based vice president of marketing and communications. Law enforcement can make the suggestion but not require a policy, said Richmond County sheriff's Capt. Gerald Metzler...
Board's agenda is going digital

...virtual meetings without public scrutiny. David E. Hudson, The Augusta Chronicle's attorney and an expert in communications law, said the potential for abuse will be no greater than before. "As long as proper notice is given, the public...
Metro | Richmond County Board of Education
College records made accessible

...publicly details of all crimes on campus. "That case set a national precedent of opening student judiciary meetings and records," said Kent Middleton, head of the University of Georgia's journalism school and an expert on communications law.
Information runaround

...looking to attract new customers while holding on to old ones are introducing new services as fast as technology and communication law allow. Among those new features are long-distance directory-assistance services that compete directly with the...
Life & style
Bill would ban campaign lies

...measure could still violate the First Amendment's protection of political speech, said William Lee, a professor of communications law at the University of Georgia. "Even if there aren't sanctions in the sense of fines or jail time, I think the...