Come to a full stop

...licenses-for-illegals initiative by a margin of 67 percent to 33 percent ? proving that even in highly liberal areas, people can have common sense even if elected leaders don't. Given the opportunity, it's safe to guess the voters in the 10 states currently...

Better officer training among 50 recommendations for stemming domestic violence in SC

...the group by executive order in January, said there's a lot of work to do on recommendations that would seem to be common sense. She said she was shocked, for example, that officers often don't interview children at the scene or even document...

Texas Red looks to pull upset against American Pharoah at Travers

...that's exactly where the red Texan sits today.Nonetheless, beating American Pharoah appears to be a dauntless task and common sense suggests that it won't happen.On the only occasion they faced each other, the Pharoah defeated Texas Red by almost...

Integrity first

...there's no concrete evidence the star quarterback illegally ordered his footballs to be deflated to suit his taste. But common sense tells you the balls wouldn't have been doctored without his implicit consent at least. And there's significant...

Strong showings

...advantage as the governor of debate-host Ohio, acquitted himself very well. He was a clear winner with his heart and common sense ? though, absent a meteoric rise in the polls, he is likely doomed to outlier status.Mike Huckabee is one of the...

Could new laws reduce criminal gun use? Be cautious of restrictions

...protecting themselves in the event of a tragedy. This is common sense. How do anti-gun advocates not see this? If a criminal...the Constitution, there are and should be limits. Common sense proposes universal background checks; a mandatory waiting...

July vehicle thefts highest of the year in Richmond County

...careful about keeping keys with me."Brown would agree. He said preventing car thefts is primarily about two words: common sense.As manufacturers have made vehicles increasingly more difficult to take without a key, the Richmond County Sheriff's...

Drones getting in the way of emergency responders

...shaming may be the best deterrent, said Jon Resnick, spokesman for SZ DJI Technology Co., one of the largest consumer drone makers."Technology can only do so much," he said. "At a certain point, common sense needs to take hold."

Scott Walker says he can beat Clinton

...Wisconsin four years ago."We need a reformer, someone who will fight and win and get results without compromising our common sense principles going forward," he said.The Gathering is a two-day event for conservative candidates, activists and...

Use some common sense

Common sense is realizing that when a political party...wealth, they are talking socialism. Common sense is acknowledging the existence of a higher...self-gratification and despair would rule. Common sense is finding out if separation of church...