Tips for starting a genealogy search from the Augusta Genealogy Society

...time your ancestors were living there.? Know the history of the area in which you are conducting research.? Use common sense when reading family histories. If the source of information is not listed, be cautious about accepting it. Some might...

Poisoned by politics

It's difficult to oppose "common sense."That's why the left deceptively...on Earth in which we do not have common sense gun safety laws," he said.The problem...informed Americans understand "common sense" and liberal ideology rarely...

No more hurricane chasing for me

...southeast and trying to get to the "landfall" of this mighty storm. Looking back, I cannot believe my incredible lack of common sense.I had no cellphone. No "talking" directional finder. No weather radio. And, because it was night and raining...

Secret Disservice

...us and our elected representatives?What happens to some people when they take government jobs? Do they check their common sense at the door? Do they leave every last crumb of honor and civics at the curb?Do they need to be reminded of whom they are...

Common sense bombs out

To say the teen has been unfairly elevated and overcelebrated by America's oh-so-cool liberals and techies is a gross misunderstatement.

Ex-Mayor Bob Young won't seek House seat

...accomplished, including changing the name of Georgia Regents University to Augusta University."Although I won't be a candidate for anything," Young wrote in an e-mail, "I plan to continue to be a voice for common sense conservatism."

Rants & Raves

WHAT A DISGRACE to leave two children, ages 4 and 1, alone in a house on their own. Where is the common sense? IT MUST BE nice for Gov. Nikki Haley to go on a nine-day trip to Germany and Sweden, costing the taxpayers of South Carolina...

Better officer training among 50 recommendations for stemming domestic violence in SC

...the group by executive order in January, said there's a lot of work to do on recommendations that would seem to be common sense. She said she was shocked, for example, that officers often don't interview children at the scene or even document...

Republican candidate Ben Carson speaks in Aiken

...his presidential aspirations, sees the state as a future bastion of support."There are a lot of people here with common sense," he said. "The more I come and speak to people and expose them to my ideals the more it will resonate, and God...

Labor pains

...Supercuts, generating $2 trillion in economic activity.For decades, the NLRB's definition of "employer" meshed with common sense; your employer is the firm that hires you, fires you, pays your wages and assigns your work.Now, franchise owners...