Rants & Raves

...What more does the mother want? WHAT A SHAME THAT the leaders of McDuffie County don't have as much foresight and common sense as Lincoln County. The Corps of Engineers campsites sit idle in McDuffie without campers. RANT TO LEGISLATORS for...

Texas coach gets another shot at top-ranked UConn

...title.Coach Geno Auriemma doesn't put too much stock in the Huskies' experience advantage over the Longhorns."Common sense would say yeah," Auriemma said. "When the game starts, all that other stuff goes out the window."Auriemma is...

Rants & Raves

...to make things better. IT'S A STRANGE THING that the Muslim world hates America and Israel. I do understand that common sense will never trump stupidity. WHY ARE CITY employees at Augusta Aquatics Center allowed to illegally park at the front...

Federal agency proposes new rules on payday loans

...The multibillion-dollar industry has historically been regulated only at the state level."The idea is pretty common sense: If you lend out money, you have to first make sure that the borrower can afford to pay it back," President Obama...

Rants & Raves

...Evans Middle School, they built sidewalks on both sides of Hereford Farm Road that go west, nothing going east. No common sense! I'd like to keep my money in my pocket. TWO OR THREE people commit a crime together. Each of them was present...

Harris skilled, caring leader for district

...to see in a community leader. He is hard-working, a man of his word and dependable, and he has a barrel full of common sense.When Hap was appointed to the District 7 seat, he began to work diligently to forge a solid and trusting relationship...

Rants & Raves

...something for them. DON'T BLAME everything on police officers. If you obey the law, don't commit a crime, use common sense, get a job, then maybe you won't be dead. If you commit a crime then you put yourself in harm's way. It is your...

Opportunity School Districts provide 'no excuses' approach to school success

...effort is to have local, community-led schools, which are run and operated at the local level. This idea is basic common sense, and is why other states are pursuing this approach. GOV. DEAL HAS put forth a bill that recognizes Georgia is a...

Commissioner employs common sense

I cannot stress enough my confidence in Hap Harris.

Braves: Minor injury's potential impact

...Banuelos could start the season in the Atlanta bullpen before transitioning to a rotation by the end of the year. It's common sense that Banuelos would have his innings limited after only throwing 76.1 in his first year off Tommy John surgery in...