Georgia police ease way into 'slowpoke' law

...one area that officers shouldn't struggle with, Lamkin said, because it is used at the officer's discretion."Common sense will go a long way," he said.Though Niehus said he can already see a shift in driver behavior, Lamkin said it might...

Fixing a bad decision

...education. In exchange, Ms. Harrell would receive no jail time, and Regina would get to keep her mom in her life.Instead of using the judicial system to unnecessarily rip a parent and child apart, exercise common sense to keep them together.

Rants & Raves

...OWNING A PET is expensive, but people having babies are even more expensive. Everything costs to raise. You should use common sense raising babies and pets. You took the responsibility to take care for them, don't give them away or kill them...

Rants & Raves

...logs into and can track on their own; and make sure the bonuses are earned and are a reasonable amount. These are common sense practices that don't cost a single dime and could get the job done. I am so tired of the government making a major...

Rants & Raves

...and distrust for your neighbors. Even President Reagan was known for "trust, but verify." Listen to your internal common sense that you were raised with; not the bloviating talking heads on TV who are paid to gin you up and make you angry. Personally...

UGA eyes new NCAA practice rules

...in May.Courson said there isn't any data yet to show the Ivy League and Pac-12 restrictions lessened those."Common sense would seem to think you would have a decrease, but where do you draw the line?" Courson said. "That's the debate...

US Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson to keep eye on Tiger Woods' play

...he's been playing and if he's healthy, those are the two factors that I'll weigh in choosing him. That's just common sense, in my opinion." SITTING OUT: Steve Stricker has withdrawn from the British Open next week at Royal Liverpool...

NCAA suggests limiting contact practices in football

...injury."There isn't overwhelming evidence that a reduction in contact practices leads to fewer concussions, but common sense is at play for those cutting back on contact work, said Scott Anderson, Oklahoma's athletic trainer and the president...

Fireworks-related burns common during Fourth of July

...preventable."Most of the time, the injuries we see from fireworks could have been avoided by using just a little common sense," he said in a news release Monday. "Remember: You can never be too careful when dealing with fireworks."In its...

Commission authorizes $565,000 construction change at municipal building

...offices, White said."We're going to have to have another restroom back there, no matter what," Lockett said. "Common sense will tell you you've got to do those things."Lastly, Allen defended keeping Deputy Finance Director Tim Schroer...