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Goverment to parents: Stop asking for antibiotics!

...on doctors to quit dispensing antibiotics in situations where they are practically guaranteed not to work, such as common colds. A straight-to-Mom-and-Dad campaign is next. The effort, announced Wednesday, is built around public service...
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Necessity of nurses heated issue for Georgia schools

...pupils, Ms. King comes across some medical situations each day that require her specialized training -- head lice, common colds, stomach aches and playground cuts and scrapes. On a more serious level, there are the children who arrive each morning...
Air pollution makes common cold worse

...common cold, said Gern, who was not part of the research team. "We've all been looking for things that seem to make common colds worse, because some people seem to have a lot of complications, sinus disease and asthma, and other people don't...
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Researchers hope virus leads to cancer vaccine

...advantages over other approaches that used different virus delivery vehicles, such as the adenovirus that causes many common colds. The problem with using that virus is half of the population already have a neutralizing antibody to the adenovirus...
Pesticides cause frogs' immune systems to collapse

...have their immune systems return to normal. In human terms, impaired immune systems could lead to people dying of common colds or other infections that a healthy person would be able to resist easily. Frogs live in bacteria- and parasite-infested...
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Search narrows for first effective SARS treatment

...None is specifically aimed at the coronaviruses, the family that includes the SARS virus as well as some that cause common colds. Laughlin said ribavirin is the only drug conclusively shown ineffective in the Army experiments so far, and lab testing...