Commissioner Sammie Sias defends work at Jamestown Community Center

Augusta Commissioner Sammie Sias is pushing back against...Jamestown Community Center he expects Commissioner Marion Williams to air during Tuesday's...Sias had a key and asked why other commissioners couldn't have keys to city facilities...

Columbia County Commission | The Augusta Chronicle

...Thursday he will ask county commissioners to rescind and revise...Commission The Board of Commissioners seeks to provide the necessary...of Columbia County. Each Commissioner is chairman over a committee...departments and the Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners...

Sylvia Cooper | The Augusta Chronicle

...Commission member Mary Davis attends the Association County Commissioners of Georgia fall meetings, she'll have to pay her own...Moses Todd could more easily part the Red Sea than convince commissioners to reject the rain tax when he speaks against it at Tuesday's...

Deke Copenhaver | The Augusta Chronicle

...vote. In his 2006 campaign, Mr. Copenhaver focused heavily on economic development and creating more cohesiveness among commissioners. He said at the time that his victory showed he had broad-based support, in both black and white precincts. Before...

Augusta Public Transit | The Augusta Chronicle

...hours Friday taking popular Route 6 through downtown and south Augusta to the transfer stop by the Deans Bridge ... Augusta commissioners and city staff started interviews Monday for the position of transit director. Don't Miss Databases: Search public...

City Ink | The Augusta Chronicle

...recommendation for a $6. Former Augusta Com mis sion member Moses Todd could more easily part the Red Sea than convince commissioners to reject the rain tax when he speaks against it at Tuesday's meeting. Saturday, May 2, 2015 Merle Temple's second...

Elections | The Augusta Chronicle

...Columbia County elections officials have selected Nov. 3 for the special election to fill the unexpired term of District 3 County Commissioner Mack Taylor, who resigned to run for a vacated legislative seat. Friday, Sept. 4, 2015

Gold Cross wins in Augusta's appeal of zone award

...settles a matter underlying an ongoing debate among Augusta commissioners over whether to terminate the contract with Gold Cross...Roy Barnes, did not return a message seeking comment.Commissioner Sammie Sias, who has led the effort to end the contract...

Mayor's office helped arrange Kinder Morgan gift

...confidential" ? the first commissioner correspondence about the donation...Chronicle's request ? Commissioners Mary Davis, Sam mie Sias...do with the pipeline."As commissioners became more vocal in rejecting...

Rants & Raves

...trigger lock, but locked away. Not just hidden, but locked away. I FIND IT very odd that Sammy Sias and several other commissioners are upset about the EMS subsidization based on a business they don't own. If they owned it, it would be out of business...