Descent into violence will not solve deeper problems

...have been beaten down ? literally and figuratively ? by police who represent the worst face of institutional racism.Commentators argue that protests, marches and peaceful assemblies are the mainstream, whereas the violence is confined to a handful...

Rants & Raves

...fees on top of over-evaluated property (appraisals) is leading Augusta to (the) path of Detroit. JOURNALISTS AND news commentators, do you understand the meaning of the word "gentleman?" It is beyond absurd to refer to suspected criminals or terrorists...

Dash-cam video won't be released in police shooting

...motion, defense attorney Jack Swerling said releasing the video would do no public good and would just provide fodder for TV commentators. "He thinks he acted appropriately," Swerling said.The prosecutor handling Craven's case promises to release the...

New all-female sports news show premieres Tuesday

...and my wife said this.' "A core panel of a dozen female commentators will get to speak for themselves on We Need to Talk, which...door to We Need to Talk, and she believes any of her 12 commentators could comfortably slide onto that set."They can talk the...

In France, rappers social commentators for riot-hit ghettos

...the top of the national agenda by France's worst civil unrest in four decades - have been grist for these urban social commentators for years. In an interview, Disiz, whose real name is Serigne M'Baye, said it is too simplistic to say that French...

Santa Claus comes to town

Just like the commentators for the big-city parades, Shane Evan Morgan had something to say about every float, marcher and band that passed him Sunday...

Metro | Westside High School
Dislikes early-retirement buyouts

The Chronicle and other Augusta-area commentators correctly criticize Augusta Mayor Larry Sconyers for his apparent lack of "sensitivity" for his dismissals of Linda Beazley and...

The bioterror battle

Shortly after Sept. 11's infamous attacks, news commentators began to discuss biological warfare. Then came the anthrax scare - real bioterrorism - and prognosticators began to talk about...

Asks where is agony over POWMIAs?

I'm easily confused. Everyday, news commentators and politicians are on our television screens agonizing over a 6-year-old Cuban boy being repatriated. Where, then, is the...

Microsoft led 1997 software sales

Microsoft is in the news a lot lately, with commentators tossing the word "monopoly" about like a picnic Frisbee. If Microsoft isn't a monopoly, only a competitor, it's probably...

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