Holding the fort

...shed 17,000 civilian jobs by the end of 2017. The Army's strength was at 556,000 soldiers when the current commander in chief took office.All American soldiers are important and play a vital role in defending the nation, but clearly those...

Soft on strategy

...namely Iraq.The buck-passing is deplorable.When it comes to the Pentagon, Obama appears to have forgotten "commander in chief" is one of his titles. As president, the American military is simply following his direction ? or, in this...

Can Iran be trusted?

...who rule it, has made it clear it intends to acquire nuclear weapons. The United States, through its feckless commander in chief, has made it clear that a nuclear-weaponized Iran is acceptable, as long as that happens several years from now...

Rants & Raves

...inside their building all the time and not just the once-every-three-months ad about taking in those pills. THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF is responsible for the tens of thousands of injured soldiers on disability, artificial limbs, etc., not to mention...

Target is locked

...Syria from ABC's Martha Raddatz ? questions which, by the way, no reporter would dare ask America's actual commander in chief.So Rick Ungar decided it was over for the 47-year-old politician right then and there. His headline: "Scott...

Policies set stage for dictatorship

...most of our top military leaders would identify radical Islam as our most serious challenge in the world, our commander-in-chief, President Obama, points at climate change and income inequality as a bigger threat to our future generations...

Just answer us -- why?

...techniques and support closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp?Why do these actions cause people to think the commander-in-chief puts ideology and politics before America's security?

A medal of dishonor

...ashamed" to be an American.At least he's finally being held to account.That's more than can be said about our commander in chief. President Obama has yet to face the music for recklessly, secretly and most likely illegally trading five high-level...

Rants & Raves

...WHY ARE THE results of the investigation of Bowe Bergdahl, due last November, being covered up? A rant to our commander in chief, who knows this traitor must be executed under military law, and thus he made the most shameful prisoner exchange...

Where there isn't a will

...tepid choice of words in the press room reveals a commander-in-chief who simply doesn't have the will to defeat ISIS...the next three years.Not only is he the first commander in chief to ask Congress to restrict his powers, he's asking...