Players try to land spot in top showcase

High school baseball up-and-comers gathered at Westside High School on Monday hoping to impress the talent evaluators in attendance.Since 2003, rising 10th- through...

Tesla opening access to its electric car patents

...to give away the company's entire patent portfolio to all comers, as long as they promised not to engage courtroom battles over...designing Android, Google made the software available to all comers at no charge. Google was more interested in expanding the market...

Silicon Valley interns begin perk-filled summer

...admired.With summer's arrival comes an influx of thousands of Silicon Valley interns. Well paid and perked, young up-and-comers from around the world who successfully navigate the competitive application process are assigned big time responsibility at...

Moore: Airport is a rushing sea of phones

...remember lugging their bags understand why it's called luggage.)The other difference between them and me was that these comers and goers were using their cellphones as they walked, as they ate, as they stood in line, as they yelled at their kids...

Teams with NBA title dreams look to free agents

...Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce bring added gravitas to this year's free agent class, joined by up-and-comers including Eric Bledsoe, Lance Stephenson, Kyle Lowry and Gordon Hayward.The Spurs have mastered the art of team building...

Lewis keeps the comedy going at 88

...entertainers and brings comedians to military hospitals to cheer up wounded veterans.Lewis also offers guidance to up-and-comers. One tip? Appreciate the fans."I never took them for granted, which is a mistake young performers make," he said...

Fish fry reels in a crowd

Late-comers got light bread. That's how popular former Mayor Ed McIntyre's 11th annual Unity Fish Fry turned out to be Thursday. The...

Auto racing notebook

While Bobby Labonte holds off all comers on the top rung of the Winston Cup standings, Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Tony Stewart is hoping to move up the ladder. Stewart...

Other sports
No. 1 'Bama underdogs in Dome again

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Alabama has pushed aside all comers on its way to a perfect regular season, climbed to the top of the rankings and stuck around for quite awhile. Now, it's back...

Reds' unexpected rise reminiscent of '99

CINCINNATI -- Junior's not in the lineup. Hardly anyone is in the stands. A group of up-and-comers is defying the small-market odds and winning games. The Cincinnati Reds are working on a sequel. Three years after they turned...