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Record group sues 531 more Internet users over downloads

...customers of one of five Internet providers based in those cities. Philadelphia is the headquarters for Comcast Cable Communications Inc., the nation's largest cable company. Atlanta is headquarters for Earthlink Inc., another of the nation's...
Music industry wins approval of subpoenas against Internet users

...the industry compelling some of the largest Internet providers, such as Verizon Communications Inc. and Comcast Cable Communications Inc., and some universities to identify names and mailing addresses for users on their networks known online...
Comcast puts focus on customers

Business Editor Damon Cline sat down with Doug McMillan, regional manager for Comcast Inc., to discuss the company's increasing investment in the Augusta market and issues in the cable television industry. Q: What are some of the trends consumers can expect to see in the industry during the next several years? What things are coming down the pipeline?
J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank One announce planned board

...John R. Stafford, retired chairman of Wyeth. The Bank One nominees are Stephen B. Burke, president of Comcast Cable Communications Inc.; James S. Crown, president of Henry Crown and Co.; Laban P. Jackson Jr., chairman and CEO, Clear...
Music industry targets retiree who doesn't own computer

...briefly added Internet service to their own cable television account while living with the couple because Comcast Cable Communications Inc. said it would add a surcharge to send separate bills to the same mailing address. "There's a mistake...
Parents, grandparents targets in Internet music-sharing subpoenas

...had been issued over his daughter's music downloads. The legal papers required an Internet provider, Comcast Cable Communications Inc., to hand over Pate's name and address. They were among nearly 1,000 subpoenas issued as part of the...