A killer commencement address

...Vermont campus, while a non-felon, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist gets his invitation to a speaking gig at a California women's...the mission statement of the academic program that booted columnist George Will from its lineup of visiting speakers: "A range...

Kirby: Reunion presents a sight unseen

...new. Disappoint ment in their civic performance is usually exceeded only by their lack of originality ? as our City Ink columnist, Sylvia Cooper, points out almost weekly.That's why I am pleased to report I saw something last weekend at the annual...

For lucky few, this is postseason

...looking for some perceptive insights on baseball, Augusta Chronicle writer David Lee has them for you."Back in May," columnist Bill Kirby told me, "a reader asked me to explain the mysterious hitting problems of Braves second baseman Dan Uggla, a...

Columnist off on Gohmert

The murder of our ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi is hardly a "fake problem."

'The Augusta Chronicle' has been working to earn your trust since 1785

...information.The Augusta Chronicle has been doing that since 1785. Which is not to say that we don't occasionally stumble.Columnist Bill Kirby was telling me about running the wrong picture with two obituaries. It seems the first time we ran a prominent...

'Sea serpent' puzzled Augustans in 1820

...seen anything like a sea serpent."Maybe a sturgeon," he said.Rob Pavey, the newspaper's award-winning outdoor columnist thinks the same thing.Sturgeons can get big, I admit, but they really look like a fish, not a serpent. And I think the...

Reporters show determination

...they are breaking and stay with them until they're complete.Being Bill Kirby means being more than just your favorite columnist.He is the star of Kirby's Augusta ? a weekly video segment recounting tales of the history of the town.He is a frequent...

Letter: Papers' columnists superb

...when to say "enough!" The pastors' columns are always encouraging.Along with those two guest writers, Chronicle columnists Bill Kirby and Glynn Moore are regulars on my list.Thanks for the variety.Robin BookerWashington, Ga.

Banks see a rebound in usage of branches

...started Thursday and will run through Oct. 31. The eligible charities are listed at GiveBack25.com. I MADE AN OOPS: For columnists who wonder whether anyone reads their weekly epistles, the surefire way to find out is make a mistake. Several readers found...

Must you be radical?

...you now have found more right-wing columnists in Editorial Writer Damon Cline and syndicated columnist Susan Stamper Brown. The hatred spewed...not possible for you to publish some columnists other than radical, extreme Obama-haters...