Let's be blunt

...contradictory to the spirit of freedom this nation was founded on, and which the First Amendment was written to protect.Columnist George Will many years ago identified what he calls the "indignation industry" ? an amalgam of paid and unpaid grievance...

Policing the police

...reckless use of force make it incredibly difficult for those of us who support law enforcement to stick up for it.A national columnist opined not long ago that state and local governments should track bad cops with an offender registry list, similar to the...

Rants & Raves

...million. Gold pavement? Who's going to end up with the taxpayers' cash? I HATE TO DISAGREE with the usually brilliant (columnist Charles) Krauthammer, but to allow 11 million people in the U.S. who broke our law to get in is nuts. He says the...

The Way We Were: Downtown banking boom

...people face his music.If you remember the old C&S or Bennett Brown or the 1970 event, share it in an e-mail to bill.kirby@augustachronicle.com. If you want to talk about its architecture, well ... I am a columnist.

Needless regulation

...scale of just 'doing something,' it is effectively doing nothing, yet at a breathtaking cost," noted Arizona Republic columnist Doug MacEachern.We're still not sure how the president managed to announce these rules with a straight face.We have...

Harris wins fourth annual Applaud the Artist Cover Design Contest

...elements of music, film and art," said judge Keith Claussen, who retired in May from her longtime role as Applause arts columnist. "The columns/paintbrushes/torches fanning out across the top light the way to Augusta's fall arts season, with a...

Michaux: Matt NeSmith still has Walker Cup hopes

...claim a share of the lead, "the reaction was so sudden, so loud, the water on the lake rippled from the noise" local columnist Ed Hardin wrote."It was a great atmosphere. Great to be a part of and lot of fun," Woods said."This is going to get...

Night golf in Scotland

...I've played three rounds so far this week, and so far so good. Not my game, but the experience has been wonderful. As columnist Scott Michaux says, he hasn't had a bad round of golf here yet. And he's played over here a bunch.Fortunately, I've...

The Open at St. Andrews

...experiencing my first day at St. Andrews, I can tell this will be a close second.The Open -- not the British Open, as columnist Scott Michaux is always reminding me -- is the oldest golf tournament in the world. It dates back to 1860.But a lot of...

Rebuild the middle class

As syndicated columnist Star Parker wrote recently in The Augusta Chronicle: "Conservatives must fight for minorities' hearts and minds" when it comes...