Wholly lacking leadership

...contained," remarked CNN's Christiane Amanpour ? not exactly a conservative voice.War is "fiendishly simple," adds columnist Michael Goodwin. "You win or you lose."Yet even after the horrific slaughter in Paris, there remains a distressing doubt...

Jim McElwain has Gators in playoff mix

...surrounding Georgia coach Mark Richt is getting warmer by the minute. It's one thing when Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnists Mark Bradley and Jeff Schultz each say the Bulldogs need a new head coach. But when college football reporter Bruce Feldman...

Richt's future at Georgia questioned after Florida loss

...in my mind, for the season, and going beyond that as well. I think we do have the right ingredients."The two sports columnists for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday weighed in. Both Mark Bradley and Jeff Schultz called for Richt's time...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Georgia author Kay, more to speak at literary festival

...to the great writers working in that same Journal-Constitution building on Forsyth Street, including world famous sports columnist Furman Bisher."I was 23 when I went to work for the Journal and Bisher already was a writing legend then," Kay said...

AP still is up to no good

...to as being worth one-quarter of a billion ? $221 million ? according to their own income tax filings, as noted by columnist Dick Morris.With 215 million potential readers, it's the only voice that counts in America, and it's entirely bogus...

Ramblin' Rhodes: 45 years of columns make for some notable quotes

...in Nashville that I was the longest running country music columnist in America.I had never thought of it like that, but today...sites that I surely must be among one of the longest running columnists of any kind in a daily American newspaper.And I don't...

Rants & Raves

...million. Gold pavement? Who's going to end up with the taxpayers' cash? I HATE TO DISAGREE with the usually brilliant (columnist Charles) Krauthammer, but to allow 11 million people in the U.S. who broke our law to get in is nuts. He says the...

Michaux: Love not lost on ailing Burger

...second year as a professional sports writer for the Lynchburg (Va.) newspaper. Burger was in his second year as the sports columnist for the Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C.Those were quainter days when an entire major collegiate conference could...

Let's be blunt

...contradictory to the spirit of freedom this nation was founded on, and which the First Amendment was written to protect.Columnist George Will many years ago identified what he calls the "indignation industry" ? an amalgam of paid and unpaid grievance...

The Way We Were: Downtown banking boom

...people face his music.If you remember the old C&S or Bennett Brown or the 1970 event, share it in an e-mail to bill.kirby@augustachronicle.com. If you want to talk about its architecture, well ... I am a columnist.