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Court agrees with Columbia school board in bidding case

In a unanimous ruling, the Georgia Supreme Court sided with the Columbia County School Board on Monday that it had the right to award a bid to build the new Evans Middle School to McKnight Construction Co. despite an irregularity.
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Across the area

Gov. Roy Barnes followed up Tuesday on a recent $18.6 million welfare-to-work initiative by setting aside $91.9 million more in federal funds to help needy families.
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Columbia school board `scams' public

Once again, the general public has been scammed, this time by the Columbia County School Board. About a month ago, Columbia County students brought home a survey regarding a time change in the school day.\rPam Smith, Martinez\r
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Columbia's dress code

...gang attire while encouraging civility and order. In short, it produces a better environment for learning. The Columbia School Board simply plunged ahead with the stricter dress code without inviting the broader community to contribute to the decision-making...
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Slams Columbia School Board rules

This is in reaction to the decision by the Columbia County Board of Education concerning the drinking incident at the Harlem High School prom. First, punishing a child with her education is way out of line, especially when it is the very people we have elected to protect our children's education. Second, the only reason I have heard for its decision is "zero tolerance." Zero tolerance for what? Just any incident involving alcohol and drugs, or is it supposed to be zero tolerance for all crimes, including drugs, alcohol and violence?
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Ga. ideological slugfest

...contest for Burke, Columbia and Richmond counties that pits attorney and former policeman Duncan Wheale against Columbia School Board member Mike Annis. But the most important statewide judicial race, in terms of the ideological chasm between...
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Columbia school board: Whitaker, Hicks win

The packed Columbia County school board race Tuesday yielded winners in all three vacant seats, despite a field of 10 candidates that fueled predictions of a runoff. In District 3, Roxanne Whitaker of Harlem easily defeated her three opponents, gaining 2,504 votes or 63.33 percent. None of her three opponents gained more than 17 percent of the vote. Ray Hicks defeated Lee Muns in District 5. Mr. Hicks gained 3,278 votes or 51.23 percent with all precincts reporting. Mr. Muns had 3,120 votes or 48.77 percent.
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Bond deal is off table an analysis of the bond tonight that was conducted by Dr. Harry W. Miley Jr., of Miley & Associates in Columbia. School board members received preliminary drafts of the report over the weekend. It wasn't released to the public because...
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Columbia School Board picks leaders

APPLING - The Columbia County school board unanimously chose Ray Hicks as its chairman Monday and Debbi Brooks as its vice chairwoman, both freshman elected in November. The board also itemized and tentatively agreed on a $40 million sales tax referendum plan that may lower the millage rate by 1.25 mills next year. A public hearing is scheduled for Thursday at 7 p.m. at Evans High to discuss the referendum to be voted on in March.
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Columbia school board seeks stance on religion

Columbia County students have asked to form religious clubs in the public schools and board trustees said Tuesday they want to honor students' rights, while ensuring the school system doesn't violate the Constitution. Trustees voted 5-0 to direct school officials to formulate a policy to clarify the system's stance on religion in the schools. Board attorney Jim Blanchard said religion in schools is a thorny legal subject, but students have rights.