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1987 shooting of out-of-towner still stumps Columbia County police

With Wanda Huggins lacking any family ties in the area, Columbia County investigators aren't sure why she might have been traveling through Appling in 1987.
Man answers door with knife in chest at scene of woman's fatal stabbing

Columbia County police are investigating a fatal stabbing at a Grovetown home late Sunday.Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to 2006 Shoreline Drive...
Rants & Raves

Comments from readers: RANT AGAINST COLUMBIA County police. I passed the post office on Washington Road, and a county police car turned left in front of me on Ronald Reagan Drive with...
Columbia County police eager to use drones

The UVAs were purchased by the sheriff's office to use to take video and photographs of fatal wrecks, locate fleeing suspects and assist missing-persons investigations.
Meth use on rise in Richmond County

...age, economic or racial lines any more."Although it's still more commonly found in lower income brackets, Columbia County police say they are seeing more high-income users.
Officials: Increase in arson reports doesn't indicate a problem

...according to an incident report. Thomas told police voices in his head told him to burn the building down.In Columbia County, police say they have handled more reports of arson through the middle of May than all of 2013. So far this year, there...
Boy, 15, shoots uncle in father's defense, Columbia County police say

A 38-year-old man was hospitalized Saturday after being shot by his nephew for choking his father, deputies say.
Rants & Raves

...neighborhood streets on four-wheelers with no helmets on allowed to constantly get away with it? Where are our Columbia County police when you need them? If you don't believe me, take a drive down Hightower, Dent or Desoto. There are several...
Rants & Raves who shot the white guy was promptly arrested. Is the white man who shot the black guy in jail yet? COULD COLUMBIA County police please do something about the excessive speeding on South Old Belair Road. The speed limit is 35; people are...
Police seek Martinez owner of St. Louis Burgers

Columbia County police are a looking for a Martinez restaurant owner accused of financial identity fraud.