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Rants and Raves the White House for eight years: So was the pastry chef, and nobody wants to elect him. A HUGE RAVE FOR Columbia County bus driver Lisa Owens. She takes care of "her kids" on a daily basis. She goes beyond her job description, and I can't...
Metro | Rants and raves
Argues against two-track bus schedule

...who drive while sick all the time because there is no one to cover for them. How do I know all this? I am a Columbia County bus driver and my job is at risk along with many other drivers who have worked a lot longer than I have. Robin Johnson...
Editorials | Columbia County Board of Education
Driver opposes 'dual' bus schedule

I am a Columbia County bus driver ... who is very concerned about having high and middle school students on the same bus. We have enough problems to deal with...
Bus driver charged with battery

Police said today that a Columbia County bus driver was arrested on simple-battery charges after he restrained a child on his bus following an argument between two pupils. Did...