Researchers say niacin could prevent colon cancer

...him from colon inflammation and colon cancer."That's great news to hear...prone to colon inflammation and colon cancer, he said.This was the first...important in the development of colon cancer, Singh said."We know that it...

Shine for Scott benefit to feature more than a dozen bands

...to provide financial support to colon cancer patients, educate the public about colon cancer and help detect the disease through...Walden, who died in 2010 from colon cancer.Groups performing include: George...

Colon cancer rare among young people

...Americans are diagnosed each year with colon cancer, the third deadliest of the cancer...Saturday. If diagnosed early, colon cancer is highly curable: The cure rate for early-stage colon cancer now is more than 92 percent, said...

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Study: Women can reduce their risk of colon cancer through exercise

...walk may cut a woman's risk of colon cancer in half, a study finds. "Increasing...approach for reducing the burden of colon cancer in our society," the Harvard...activities and noted 212 cases of colon cancer among the study participants...

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Multivitamins could reduce colon cancer risk

...Women can reduce their risk of colon cancer by eating lots of fruits and vegetables...were 75 percent less likely to get colon cancer. A high-folate diet was defined...600 people will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year, and 47,700 will die...

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Free Colon Cancer Screening Kits

...Doctors Hospital is giving away free colon cancer screening kits during the month of March. To receive a free in-home colon cancer screening kit, call (706) 651-4343...States, according to a release. Colon cancer, cancer of the colon or rectum...

Friends to compete in triathlon to support Peggy Seigler

...diagnosed a week later with a rare form of neuroendochrine cancer that was found in her colon - she specified it is not colon cancer. Her doctor gave her a 5 percent chance to live five years. She wasn't told at the time, but her doctor was concerned...

Ovarian cancer struggles for awareness

...willing to talk about our bodies and things that go on with our bodies," she said. She lost a sister-in-law to colon cancer in the 1990s and nobody talked about it then, Flanders said."I think awareness of all kinds of cancer and the willingness...

Disappointment on colon cancer advance

...preventing a hereditary form of colon cancer has not worked at preventing pre-cancerous...development of polyps or subsequent colon cancer," said Dr. Frank Giardiello...result in a type of hereditary colon cancer called familial adenomatous polyposis...

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Common medicines to prevent heart disease may also ward off colon cancer

...significantly lower their risk of colon cancer. New research presented Sunday...inflammation-fighting medicines against colon cancer are already suspected from earlier...suggests that the same drugs prevent colon cancer by entirely different mechanisms...

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